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19 facts about Liza according to Enrique

Gaano nga ba kakilala ni Enrique si Liza? Find out here!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

2/12/2017 in News
19 facts about Liza according to Enrique

Aside from her family, another person that knows Liza Soberano very well is her on-screen partner Enrique Gil.


This was proven last weekend in his interview with Star Magic for "Spotlight with Liza."

In the video, Quen was asked to answer 19 personal questions about his lady love that will determine how much he knows the 19-year-old actress.

And here are his answers in the challenge:

1. Liza's favorite habit?

Enrique: "She likes to sing in this low toned voice."


2. First thing that she does in the morning

Enrique: "I think she shower in the morning."


3. Favorite food

Enrique: "[If] Filipino food it has to be sinigang. She loves sinigang. I like sinigang too but I won't eat it everyday but she can eat it everyday. And she loves 'yung pepper. She likes eating chili. I like eating chili too. There's a certain type of chili na kinakain niya. And she loves cheese just like me and italian food."


4. Favorite expression?


5. Ultimate pet peeve

Enrique: "Pinakaayaw niya sa lahat egg cartons. Alam mo 'yung karton ng egg? 'Yung parang brown. 'Yung texture nun, hindi niya kayang hawakan. Tumataas 'yung balahibo nun. Hindi niya talaga kaya. 'Pag andun sasabihin niya 'Quen, pwede pabuhat. 'Di ko talaga kaya.'"


6. Weirdest idea?

Enrique: "Maganda mga idea niya. Pero probably we want toput up our own Breakout Manila. Business namin."


7. Liza is..

"She's a baby. Liza is a baby."


8. She can be very __.

Enrique: "Uptight in a lot of ways. Parang 'yung pagiging independent niya, growing up with a little brother, she used to be the mom and the dad. So some situations she likes to be a parent."


9. On taping days

Enrique: "Normal Liza."


10. She loves...

Enrique: "Me and dogs (laughs)."


11. Most endearing thing about her is...

Enrique: "She's super family-oriented and she's not maarte at all. That's number one. When we eat outside, she eats a lot and that's what I want. I don't want to date a girl na 'Hindi, salad lang ako.' I want a girl who enjoys food with me. Enjoy the food. Enjoy thye life. Enjoy each other."


12. Liza always tell me to...

Enrique: "Stop being makulit. Stop fooling around."


13. When it comes to her career, she is...

Enrique: "Driven. She loves her career. It's helping out her family, her life."


14. The most independent thing she did

Enrique: "She got her own house, bought her own house. Bought her dad a car just the other day. She bought her car. She's a lady now."


15. When it comes to her family she is...

Enrique: "She is selfless. Family first before anything else."


16. When she has a problem she is...

Enrique: "Calling me."


17. When it comes to her friends she is...

Enrique: "She's makulit."


18. I know she can be _____ but she won't do it.

Enrique: "I know she can be outgoing sa ASAP dance prods but she's like super shy. I know she can. She has her own flavor but when she tends to do it 'Ay, nahiya ako.' That's a hold back, a little bit. She's a baby."


And the best answer goes to....


19. In the future I think she is...

Enrique: "My WIFE."


Liza and Enrique star in the upcoming film "My Ex and Whys."

The film follows the story of Cali (Liza Soberano), a blogger who owns the up and coming blog, "The Bakit List," and her ex Gio (Enrique Gil), who will return to her life unexpectedly and surprisingly.

Can you really still love someone who caused you pain?

This "Most Beautiful Valentine" film, directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, will be out in cinemas starting Feb. 15! 

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