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Kim, Nina, Fred + more reunite for 'YOLO' night

It's so nice to see the "PBB" Season 1 teens together again!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

12/7/2017 in News
Kim, Nina, Fred + more reunite for 'YOLO' night

Who would've thought that these "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 1" housemates are still as bubbly, youthful, and loving as when they were still inside the phenomenal yellow house 11 years ago?

Jamilla Obispo, Joaqui Mendoza, Olyn Membian, Fred Payawan, Nina Jose, Mikki Arceo, and Kim Chiu got together again yesterday, December 6, and we felt the nostalgia for the days they were still dreaming together inside the "PBB" house.

Their extremely fun "YOLO" night started with a dinner followed by a spontaneous road trip to Nina's hometown in Bayambang, Pangasinan.

"After 11 years here we are, reunited!!!💪🏻 A lot has changed but still our fondness to each other remains the same! 😁PBB Teens 1 batch ‘06 represent!!!!❤️ Miss you guys! We’re half complete 7/14 thank you @whiterosemaria for planning this for us! 😁 

"From dinner to usapang ice cream to unplanned road trip to pangasinan plus major bayambang field trip was extremely FUN!!! lLkas maka teenager nung nangyari hahaha😅

"Even if we all have to work the next day still we didn’t mind as long as we’ll all have FUN!! #Yolo till our next roadtrip!!!?? haha😅" Kim, the Big Winner during their edition, shared in her Instagram (@chinitaprincess) caption.

We sure do miss a lot of faces! Ehem, Gerald Anderson, Aldred Gatchalian, Brenda Fox, Clare Cabiguin, Mikee Lee, and Matt Evans. :D