MayWard: A beautiful mystery

What the future holds for Maymay, Edward

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

12/6/2017 in News
MayWard: A beautiful mystery

Charming, fun, beautiful inside and out, and unpretentious. Maymay Entrata reminds us of a heroine we root for in books and movies. 

If only we could, we wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. If anyone breaks her heart, it would only shatter ours. Thus, we get protective of her. We defend her like an it’s impulse. So when Alex Gonzaga looked Edward Barber straight in the eye and warned him off from being “pa-fall” to Maymay on “ASAP Chillout” last Sunday, December 3, we TOTALLY understood what she meant. 

But being the one whom he spends almost all of his days with, Maymay was quick to assure everyone that Edward is far from the pretty-boy stereotype. 

“Hindi siya pa-fall. Kasi nung nakilala ko siya, hanggang ngayon totoo siya… totoo siyang tao,” said Maymay. 

Edward is 17 years old and at this age, he is just starting to step into the real world. He’s got plenty of time and wants his life to take its own course. No pressure. 

"Sa totoo, I never thought I would be friends with Maymay. Akala ko ako 'yung unang lalabas kasi foreigner ako,” he confessed. “So I never thought I would be friends with her so I'll never know what would happen in the future. She's one of my closest friends, kaya 'di ko alam kung anong mangyayari." 

He added, “In the future, who knows?” No one does and that’s okay. Nature has its way of uncovering mysteries. 

When asked the question: Kinikilig ka ba kay Edward? Maymay looked down at her hands, in attempt to hide her blushing cheeks, and replied, “Oo.” 

Now, doesn’t that one-word answer usually start the most beautiful love stories?