Kris Aquino is a K-Pop fan!

Kris has joined the “ARMY”!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

12/5/2017 in News
Kris Aquino is a K-Pop fan!

Kris Aquino has joined the K-Pop craze!

Over the weekend, the Queen of All Media related how she discovered and immediately became a fan of the boy group BTS.

“I was late in discovering them, honestly I got interested after their AMA awards performance because of their GUCCI outfits,” she said on her Twitter account, adding that she went on full fangirl mode after.

“I watched them on ‘Ellen’ & ‘Jimmy Kimmel’... and I bought their album on iTunes,” she said.



She added that she’s never been interested in other Korean things before, but BTS is an exception - they’re now on repeat mode in her playlist!





Apart from their music, Kris shared that she became part of the “ARMY” (BTS’ fan club) when she found out they are UNICEF ambassadors.

“The band will sponsor #ENDViolence, a UNICEF campaign committed to making the world a safer place so that that children and teenagers will be able to live happy and healthy lives, without living in the fear of violence… Realizing now why I felt an instant connection,” she said.



And to solidify her being a fan, Kris is even going to buy the EXACT jacket one of the members wore at the American Music Awards. Now that’s fangirling!



Can you relate to Kris’ level of fangirling?