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17 for 2017: The top newsbits on starcinema.com.ph

We got Kisses, BiCol, ErWanne, Liza, Maymay + more for our most-checked-out newsbits this year!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/30/2017 in News
17 for 2017: The top newsbits on starcinema.com.ph

The starcinema.com.ph editorial team discuss the most-read newsbit we had on our website this 2017!

1. Kiray, hindi nakatulog dahil kay Justin Bieber?

Well, we all got that 2 a.m. thought and that 2 a.m. song. And for Kiray, it’s “Despacito.” Kung ako rin, hindi rin ako makakatulog eh! 😂 - Rowena

2. Coleen, sinagot kung bakit wala sila ni Billy sa ErWanne wedding

Almost everyone from Anne Curtis’ “It’s Showtime” family were present at her wedding with Erwan Heussaff, but Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia were noticeably missing. No issue here though, because Coleen made it clear that they both have a jam packed work schedule! - Tricia

3. Liza, binuking kung ano ang tine-text sa kanya ni Maymay sa madaling araw!

Well, alam naman ng lahat na very, very true ang tine-text ni Maymay kay Liza, pero nakakatuwa at nakaka-touch pa rin! Keep being you, Maymay! - Regina

4. Jessy Mendiola, may gustong balikan?

Don’t you guys ever feel that you want to just drop everything at the moment and go back to where it all began? Yeah, I get that a lot. It’s not that I regret things, it’s just that I think it’s good to remind ourselves where we’ve started so we don’t get lost in the chaos of things. So, Jessy, we totally feel you on this one! - Marty

5. Jake has so much love for this person!

Jake Cuenca’s love for Alessandra de Rossi is admirable and being vocal about it is the sweetest. Their 15 years of friendship is a treasure that is a must-have for everyone. Lucky them for finding real friends in the industry! – Kirsten

6. Here's a 'tiny' reminder of ErwAnne's great love!

Oh Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis - the couple we all wish we were but still, unfortunately, too broke to even compare. Erwan shared this photo months before their beautiful, idyllic New Zealand wedding and it goes to show that this groom really has a thing for kissing his bride's forehead. Huy, nilalanggam! - Chandral 

7. Sikat na aktres mula sa ibang network, may pangako kay Kisses!

This year, we've seen the sweetest and friendliest girl in Kisses. Even a celebrity from another network, Marian Rivera, expressed her love for Kisses through an Instagram Stories post. Sisterly love. <3 - Doreen 

8. Maid-of-honor Ria recalls crazy adventures with Coleen in New York

Aaaaww, so sweet! ❤️ I’m excited to see how Ria holds up as Coleen’s maid-of-honor at the actual wedding. I think she’ll be crying her eyes out with joy, but then again, who wouldn't be? - Danielle 

9. Kisses, nag-extra sa 'Pangako Sa 'Yo'!

Kaya naman pala parang sanay na sanay na sa camera si Kisses eh. From being the extra, this rising young star debuted in the film "Loving In Tandem" last September. Iba rin! Antaas ng talon na 'yun ah! ❤️ - Cheska

10. Judy Ann, umaming almost 3 months siyang hindi nag-...?

'Wag kayong ano! Ikaw kaya three months hindi mag-workout tapos biglang sasabak sa gym! Lodi, Ms. Judy Ann!!! :)) - Tricia

11. Vivoree, nagkamali ng akala?

Sobrang totoo nung maling akala ni Vivoree! 😂 Aminin mo, inaakala mo din ‘yun! 🙈 - Regina

12. Luis at Jessy, na-achieve din ang...ano?

Aww. Well, isn’t this just cute? This shall serve as an inspiration to couples to make time for each other and remember to kick back every once and a while! - Marty

13. Ano ang napatunayan ni Kisses nang makita si Kathryn nang malapitan?

Admit it; we’re as curious as Kisses when it comes to our favorite artists. We want to know their beauty regime and why they’re simply flawless! And our Box Office Queen Kathryn Bernardo effortlessly proves that she’s a major skin goal up-close! – Kirsten

14. This throwback photo of Kisses proves she's beauty queen-material even as a kid!

Kisses Delavin always has a knack for being the inspiring young woman, and we love her for it! In this particular newsbit, she shared throwback photos from her first official photoshoot ever and while it's truly adorable, it also shows just how far she's come. In the words of the great philosopher Drake: "Started from the bottom, now we're here." - Chandral

15. Sila ang Top 3 sexiest Kapamilya actresses for Jake!

We admire Jake's honesty in revealing who are his top 3 sexiest actresses because really, it's hard to play favorites among the many Kapamilya leading ladies. Napa-"wow" si Jake sa ka-sexyhan nila Kim, Coleen, and Erich, and we definitely see why! - Doreen 

16. Gong Yoo at Lee Min Ho, binisita si Karylle?

This was the cutest! I'm sure K-Pop fans were overjoyed to know there was a standee of Lee Min Ho at the ABS building they could take photos with ;) - Danielle 

17. Liza is ready for some action!

Naghahanda na sa paglipad ang pinakabagong Darna! Liza's dedication and hard work inside the gym just proves how much her passion to give us the BEST and newest look of the iconic superheroine we all love ❤️ - Cheska