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17 for 2017: The top news stories on starcinema.com.ph

Looking back at the stories that put the spotlight on CocoJul, Kirst and Kiray, AshMatt, Tomiho, Vice, Beauty, Kisses, KathNiel, and more.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/30/2017 in News
17 for 2017: The top news stories on starcinema.com.ph

The starcinema.com.ph editorial team discuss the most-read articles we had on our website this 2017!

1. Watch Kiray and Kirst's hilarious 'engagement' video!

Our Instagram world was shookT when Kiray and Kirst shared a teaser of this engagement video. Akala natin totoong ikakasal na eh! Hihi ❤️ Pero seriously, isa ako sa mga kinilig sa kanila before. 😁 - Cheska

2. Xian braves rain and waves for upcoming film with Coleen

Aaahh! A Xian-Coleen movie?! Why can’t it get here faster! - Danielle 

3. Beauty Gonzalez schools us on how to be sexy without being trashy

Beauty has managed to maintain looking sexy and classy at the same time. With the almost bare body photo she shared, Beauty sent out an unspoken message of empowerment for ladies to be confident in their own skin, size, and uniqueness. - Doreen

4. #RealScore: Kathryn, Liza, Julia, Janella + more dazzle on the cover of Metro's May issue

Well who could forget the internet-breaking cover of Metro Magazine's 28th anniversary? First of all, YAS QUEENS. Second of all, YAAASSS QUEENS! There was so much beauty in this huge double cover that it was almost impossible for it not to go viral...so it did. And what a glorious time that was. - Chandral

5. Coco Martin and Julia Montes unfollow each other on IG

Being top celebrities are never easy! Guess Coco and Julia needed to breathe once in a while to realize something for themselves? Will you have done the same too? – Kirsten


Vice Ganda later explained at a press conference that what he said on those tweets were just a burst of emotion. He was grieving for a friend and wanting to defend the other over such spiteful words. We might not admit it now, but if something like that happens to a friend of ours while we’re dealing with the same kind of pain, we would probably react the same. - Marty

7. Kisses, ibinunyag kung ano ang 'tiniis' para sa pagmamahal kay Kim

Kisses has proven time and again that she’s a sweet and loyal friend, so it’s no surprise she braved a horror movie just for her Ate Kim Chiu! Saan po ba makakahanap ng friend like Kisses? - Regina

8. Netizens, naloka sa post ni Isabelle Daza!

Remember when Isabelle received so much backlash from her controversial Instagram Story about buying a hat? Well, things may have been awfully hard for her for all hate she received, but at least she sincerely apologized! - Tricia

9. Tommy Esguerra reveals real reason behind ToMiho break-up!

Tomiho was one of the couples we rooted for, so their heartbreak, our heartbreak. As everyone’s favorite saying goes, “everything happens for a reason,” so we can only wish nothing but happiness for Tommy and Miho, though they’re now on separate ways. - Rowena 

10. SPOTTED! Sarah in Cebu to support Matteo’s Ironman triathlon stint

My AshMatt heart is happy. ❤️ Matteo really must have found his cheerleader, hello lumipad pa pa-Cebu si Bebe Sarah 😍 If this act doesn't make the Popstar Royalty "THE ONE," I don't know what is! - Cheska

11. Vivoree: 'I wasn't expecting this!'

WOW. She's soooo good! Bravo! *claps* Grabe, my body CANNOT move like that at all HAHAHAHAHA - Danielle

12. Former 'PBB' teen housemate, certified beauty queen na!

Kristine Hammond, a "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" alumna, broke into the beauty pageant scene in full flying colors! Not only did she win the entire Miss Nation Queen NCR 2017, she also bagged a whole lot of special awards. We are seeing a true queen in the making! - Doreen

13. Beauty, nakipagsagutan sa basher ng kanyang swimsuit photo!

This was a truly fun article to write. There's something special about seeing a celebrity just rip into negativity like it's gift wrapper. And Beauty Gonzalez did the impossible: she defended herself for a particular flaw Filipinas often suffer from (but never talk about). So cheers to this lady. Talk about Beauty and Brains! - Chandral

14. Wacky Kiray, unang kampeon sa ‘I Can Do That!’

“Huwag kang bibitaw. Basta laban lang. Kung ano ang binigay sa'yong pagsubok, basta laban lang,” says Wacky Kiray. This goes for all of us. This 2018, no matter what you are into, let your inner Wacky Kiray lead the way till success is just within your reach! – Kirsten

15. Kathryn, Daniel praise their ‘La Luna Sangre’ co-stars

No one could ever question the fact that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are two if not the biggest young stars of their generation. But this just proves that they’re some of the most down to earth as well. It’s humbling to hear them speak so highly of their “La Luna Sangre” co-starts Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez as if they haven’t done great things themselves. And we’re sure those who came after Kathryn and Daniel and those who came before that have worked with them would have pretty good things to say about them as well. - Marty

16. How Nadine served as the light to a struggling fan

Nadine was still broken and mourning the loss of her brother when her online exchange from years back with a fan going through a tough time went viral. It’s really true what they say, the people who’ve experienced the most pain will always give the most love to others. Saludo kami sa’yo, Nadine! - Regina

17. Marco goes HOT in shirtless boxing pic

Marco Gallo #shookt the online world when he turned a simple boxing session into a sizzling hot photoshoot with all his shirtless pictures! Uwian na! Tinapos na ni Marco ang laban! - Tricia