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THOUGHT PICKS: The best advice Pia gave this year

Pia shares the secret to becoming “confidently beautiful”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

12/27/2017 in News
THOUGHT PICKS: The best advice Pia gave this year

This year, I became a firm believer of “fake it till you make it.”

Maybe it’s because of my work, or my eagerness to avoid conflict that I fake being happy when I’m down in the dumps, I fake being satisfied with something I shouldn’t settle for, and I fake being confident when all I want is to shrink into a hole and never return.

Most times they work - when you believe in something hard enough, it will come true…  That is, until you have to fake everything all over again.

Perhaps it will come as a surprise, but Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach once had to fake being “confidently beautiful” until she achieved it. But more than just faking it, she worked hard for it - dug deep into her heart to find real, genuine confidence, and true beauty along with it.

“Maraming trial and error... bago makita ‘yung confidence. Hindi naman biglang isang araw successful ka na and forever ka nang confident. Hindi naman ganun ‘yun,” she said in an exclusive interview with starcinema.com.ph.

The beauty queen related there’s only one way to build confidence: to know and love yourself more each day.

“Normal lang naman na may mga araw na parang hindi ka masyadong okay. Okay lang naman ‘yun, basta alam mo sa sarili mo kung ano ‘yung mga kaya mong gawin, kung ano ‘yung mga strengths mo, mga weaknesses mo, alam mo kung paano gamitin ‘yung mga ‘yun to your advantage. ‘Yun ‘yung importante,” she said.

And that really sets the stark difference between “faking” for what you want and “working” for it, doesn’t it? Embracing yourself is the key.

I’ve tried to distance myself from what I’ve been truly feeling all year long, always wondering why I can’t quite attain what it is that I want. Pia gave me an answer. Don’t shy away from the negative thoughts, because from there will come the positive.

Of course, I can’t say that I’ve embraced myself so much I’ve achieved what I wanted to, but there’s plenty time. 2018 is the perfect place to start: no more faking.