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#LLSAllegiance Scene of the Day: Earning his trust

Kaya bang gawin lahat ni Tristan (Daniel) makuha lang ang tiwala ni Sandrino (Richard)? #LaLunaSangre

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/27/2017 in News
#LLSAllegiance Scene of the Day: Earning his trust


Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) stood firm with her decision on last night’s episode of “La Luna Sangre,” December 26.

Since Tristan (Daniel Padilla) has been into his brother Sandrino’s (Richard Gutierrez) lair, Jacintha (Angel Locsin) hasn’t really been supportive with the former being on their team. She did everything she could to convince Malia to re-consider her decisions, and think about the welfare of the many. But Malia, knowing Tristan and his good heart and pure intentions, assured that he is far different from what they see – and their plans as “partners” will both save them and the whole team.

Meanwhile, Sandrino became confused about Tristan’s sudden change of heart. Tristan’s hateful comments haunted him on how a cruel being he is, and how much he despises that the vampire king is his long-lost brother. So he went to talk to him personally and to further persuade him to become a vampire.

Here’s more of what happened in our scene of the day:

  • Erin (Polo Ravales) got beaten up yet again, forcing him to speak about their plans (Too much torture. Stop it, please!!!)


  • Jethro (Dino Imperial) found out the truth about the Sumpang Tinta (And it’s not what everyone thinks it is!)


  • Tristan almost thought that Sandrino will already turn him into vampire… (Almost there!!!)


  • ...but Sandrino said not yet, for he needs to prove his dedication to him first (Ugh, almost is never enough!)

So he brought Erin and his colleagues for Tristan to kill them. In that way, he’ll finally believe that what he says is actually true. (Uh-oh, mautak talaga ‘tong si Sandrino!!!)
While things are becoming more stressful for Tristan, his sister Apple (Maymay Entrata) seemed to be fast becoming friends with Collin (Edward Barber) whom she saved from a thief. She even invited him to go shopping with her at the market, in preparation for her Tita Betty’s (Gelli De Belen) upcoming wedding.

Will Tristan kill his treasured allies for the sake of achieving their plans? What are Collin’s real intentions, and why does he make an effort to become close with Apple? Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” tonight on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."