All In 2017: JaDine

A definitive look back on JaDine's smooth and steady rise in 2017

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/27/2017 in News
All In 2017: JaDine

If "coolest love team ever" had a definition in the dictionary, we would find "JaDine" right under it.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre gave us the most steady and chill vibe this 2017. From winning every fashion game they went to, to giving us travel and couple goals, to being each other's biggest supporters – safe to say, we are living for these two.

We saw more into their personalities as they answered controversial issues, appreciated how close they are to each other's families, and marveled at their projects together, because guys, whatever they do, they slay. 

As we wrap up 2017, it would be nice to backtrack at how JaDine sailed through the year, one with the waves, with heads held high and hands clasped together. Let's go!

Squad beach trip! Like most of us, James and Nadine evidently love the sun, sand, and swimsuit life. On their Batangas getaway, they were with their friends, including young stars Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano, and James' sister Lauren Reid.

And do you guys still remember when Nadine changed her Twitter profile picture into this one?



I miss u already ♡ 📷: @trishdenise

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Sealing that beach love. <3

It was also in January that James and Nadine talked over with showbiz host Boy Abunda about how relaxed their relationship is, with Nadine saying that they have zero big fights as a couple. 

February 11 marks the date these two stars made it official. One year ago, JaDine was a testament that an innocent on-screen love team can blossom into a real-life romance. And in 2017, they celebrated their first year as a couple with no less than a trip to Japan.

The two, with the most notably curated Instagram profiles ever, produced these shots.



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It's tour time! JaDine made fans happy on their US tour with their performances. Check this video snippet from a fan.



On the sidelines of work, the two would never miss out on a chance to play around with the camera. With the iconic Hollywood sign as a backdrop, these mementos are just dreamy.



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It's spring in April for JaDine as they went international again. Together with their barkada, they set off to South Korea and had a photoshoot on top of a building, which James aptly called "rooftop series". Talk about couple + barkada + travel goals all in one package!!



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James turned 24 on May 14, and he had the most stylish celebration, to say the least. It's like a party we wish we were invited to. How do we apply to be part of JaDine's extended barkada?



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Late in May, Nadine was also officially welcomed as a regular host on the noontime program "It's Showtime!". 



JaDine stunned everyone at the MEGA Millennial Ball with their fashion-forward looks, as usual. We couldn't quite put a finger on it, but these two knock out in the fashion department, every time.



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Remember James' adorable boyfriend reaction when men's magazine FHM released a partial tally of votes, with Nadine leading the race as the sexiest woman in the country?

James tweeted, "HOY!?? Who is responsible for this!?!?!" and "JaDines, I thought we were on the same team??" Yeah, that was the cutest. Of course, when Nadine ultimately was given the title, James was the most supportive. Go, sexy team!

Protective girlfriend alert. But hush, it's more like a cute "he's mine" gesture that Nadine pulled on "It's Showtime" when Vice was teasing about girls getting to have a date with James. With that Fil-Australian babe for a boyfriend, I bet many of us would react the same way! Watch here:

James dropped his album "Palm Dreams" this month, and of course, his girl is 100% in support. Also, the couple graced a luxury brand event in the Philippines, arriving in their best-dressed selves, as always.



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James and Nadine moving in together have also caused a stir, but she had the bravest and classiest response to the question thrown at her at a media huddle.

"If that was true, so what? 'Di ba? It's like not new anymore. There are younger couples na mas young pa sa amin na it's normal na. C'mon guys it's 2017. I am not gonna confirm and I am not gonna deny but then like, ano naman?"

Family occasions are shared between the two lately, and on Nadine's mom's birthday, James was there, perfectly blending in with the fam!



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JaDine is big on travel this year, and for August they trekked Mt. Ulap in Benguet, along with some of their friends. It is on this trip that Nadine posted this photo with the description that said, "You are clarity amidst the chaos". We feel the love.



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Resident JaDine friend Alex Diaz posted a vlog on his YouTube channel, and JaDine enthusiasts caught a gem of a moment between the two! 

Alex was documenting a chill barkada day at home, with everyone doing their own thing, then cut to this scene where Nadine was side-hugging James while saying "hi". Then, without looking, James responded with a "hi" as well. With which Nadine sweetly responded, "not you, the camera" and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Brb, crying of kilig.



Of passing and of celebrating life.

Nadine's brother Isaiah met an untimely demise in October. After days of mourning, Nadine shared with the media how James stuck with her all throughout the family crisis. "I’m so thankful for him na, kahit noong bago pa lang, na ang emosyon ko ay ang hirap… 'Yung emotions ko, hindi ko ma-control. Siyempre, kahit 'yung pag-iisip ko… Sobrang stressful. So, happy ako nandiyan siya at hindi rin napapagod na magsuporta sa akin."

Nadine also turned 24 this year. She had an early birthday surprise celebration with her family and of course James.



JaDine became the face of a clothing line. Here's a sight of them on a billboard. Bless.



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In the words of Lauren Reid, ain't nobody does Halloween like JaDine! The went back to the streets of Japan dressed as Rogue and Gambit. 



Major! Nadine has announced this month that she would co-direct James' music video for "The Life," and we are here for it! 

A pregnancy rumor also hit the two, but it eased down quickly because they just had the most chill answer again.

Nadine went, "Ha!? San galing 'yun? Si James po 'yun. Wala 'yun!"

So James admitted, "I’m having a baby."

Mystery solved!

At the ABS-CBN's "Just Love" Christmas Special, JaDine graced the stage as one of the brightest love teams of the network. Sparks all over.

It was also this month that James' MV for "The Life" was released, and as expected, there's the JaDine coolness and artsy-ness stamped all over it. And of course, the kilig! 'Yung alam mong pangmatagalan talaga. 

This beautiful and talented pair also represented the country and got recognized on the world stage. 

Last March, Nadine was hailed Favorite Pinoy Star at the Nickelodeon 2017 Kids' Choice Awards.

Meanwhile in November, James bagged Best Southeast Asia Act at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards! 

Look at these two stars making us proud. ❤

Everything has just been so real for James and Nadine, and we feel like this year, they have reached new milestones not only on their individual careers but even more so, in their relationship as a couple. Here's to seeing (a.k.a. stalking and fangirling over) new JaDine moments in 2018!