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Kris, Bimby have the perfect response to homophobic comments

Bimby responds to people who think he’s gay

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/26/2017 in News
Kris, Bimby have the perfect response to homophobic comments

When you watch a home tour video by one of our favorite mother-and-son tandems Kris Aquino and 10-year-old James “Bimby” Aquino-Yap, Jr., you should expect more than just that. 


There’s the amusing exchanges between them, her oftentimes grand way of handling things, and of course, the unfiltered statements that always make next day’s headlines. 


On their recent vlog entry, the two managed to shut down homophobia while they were in Bimby’s and his brother Josh Aquino’s play room showcasing their sneaker collection and arcade games. 


Kris was talking about how hard it gets for her when posting about Bimby and Josh on social media and have them exposed to bashing. 


She said, “I also have to be honest with all of you, it’s not easy to be my kids because wherever they go on social media, may mga issues—“ Bimby stopped her and said, “Like people think, like… I’m homosexual.” 


“Yeah,” Kris agreed. “Don’t be homophobic, right? That’s the whole message and whatever your choice is in life, that’s your choice.” 


A clip of Bimby acting like his mom from an older vlog post went viral and became the center of online debate between netizens on whether he’s gay or not. 


Bimby responded to this with, “Why would you judge a child? It’s because we’re still learning about ourselves and puberty hasn’t struck for me yet.” 


Kris added, “Don’t judge a child and don’t make the decision for the child.” 


When praises about what they have said reached her, the actress further explained what she meant on the video. She wrote on Twitter: 


“I am doing my very best to raise a well informed and respectful son. Thank you for recognizing that.


“Whatever life choices Bimb shall make, they are his. I only pray that he shall remain kind-hearted, compassionate, responsible, studious, hardworking, articulate, determined, and respectful. 


“And I am proud that he has a much thicker skin than me in dealing with bashers, trolls, and negativity. So come what may I know I have raised not a follower, not just a survivor, but a self-assured leader.”