All In 2017: LizQuen
So many achievements, deeper love <3
Danielle Aquino
by Danielle Aquino
12/26/2017 in News
All In 2017: LizQuen

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil continued to amaze this 2017. 

These two young stars shone brightly this past year in various projects and events and even shared their light with others through the charity work they did. And though they weren’t prevalent on our television screens, they sure were everywhere on social media!

Let’s look back on LizQuen’s most memorable moments, shall we? 

1. Surprise, surprise    

LizQuen seems to have a knack for surprises because they sure made each other’s birthday extra special this year. 

Last January, Enrique posted a birthday greeting for his on-and-off screen partner on Instagram. He called Liza his heart and wrote, “I love you” in his caption, practically giving LizQuen fans a heart attack from the amount of kilig! ❤️❤️❤️

And then Liza revealed that he actually got her a bag she’d been eyeing for quite some time (one that’s mighty expensive, I might add) and it made her oh, so happy. 



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“This man conquered the impossible and got it for me. Thank you for making me the happiest and thank you for making my dreams come true,” she wrote in the caption of her thank-you post. 


Liza returned the favor and the sentiment on Enrique’s birthday when she recorded a sweet message for him. 

"I hope on your birthday that you're extra happy. I love you,” she said in the video. 

And of course, we can’t forget about Valentine’s Day! 



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2. Conquering the silver screen! And Indonesia! 

February was a pretty big month for LizQuen because it gave them two major achievements in film and in television. 

LizQuen starred in the Cathy Garcia-Molina romantic comedy “My Ex and Whys” and it was a blockbuster hit! The film that centered on Cali and Gio’s relationship is the highest-grossing film in the first half of 2017, having generated P400 million in ticket sales, ABS-CBN News reported.

The film earned P31.5 million on its very first day in cinemas and earned P100 million after just three days. It’s also the first film to earn five million dollars worldwide in one week! 



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And it’s thanks to Liza that the line, “Am I not enough? Pangit ba ko? Kapalit-palit ba ko?” shook the internet. 

As for television, LizQuen’s 2014 teleserye “Forevermore” also achieved a milestone when it premiered in Indonesia, telling a new audience the love story of Alexander “Xander” Grande III and Maria Agnes Calay. ❤️ 

3. Fun photoshoots and magazine covers  

It’s not difficult to see why this incredibly good-looking couple was asked to grace the covers of a number of magazines this year. I mean, just look at them - they’re gorgeous! 

Check out LizQuen’s magazine covers for Metro, Yes!, and the Philippine Tatler below! 



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See? These two are DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. 

(I’m just gonna add in these photos from their San Francisco shoot with Metro to give you more feels…) 



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4. Exploring the world in style :> 

Without a project to tie them down to the Philippines this year, Liza and Enrique spent a lot of time travelling. Other than their visit to San Francisco for a magazine shoot, they also visited Toronto last July with other Kapamilya stars to bring joy to Filipinos with #ASAPinToronto and to teach them how to “Mobe”! 

In August, the two travelled to Japan and thoroughly explored the “Land of the Rising Sun” as they visited several shrines, tried on traditional clothing, and ate authentic Japanese food, after they were tapped as "Japan tourism ambassadors." 



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So sweet! ❤️ 

Then later in October, LizQuen toured the United States with other Kapamilya talents for “One Magical Night,” where they entertained their Filipino fans as well as embraced the Halloween spirit! 



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@enriquegil17 clearly loves his pumpkins 🎃

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Aren't we romantic?

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Ack, scary! 

5. Stealing the spotlight 

With their undeniable charm, LizQuen stole the show at a number of events this past year. 

At Star Magic’s Silver Anniversary celebration on “ASAP” last May, their rendition of Apo Hiking Society’s “Panalangin” made everyone swoon and squeal at the amount of kilig they gave us! 

In September, they attended the Star Magic Ball dressed to the nines, as always, and even won Couple of the Night! 



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Liza and Enrique also performed Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s dance to “A Lovely Night” from the 2016 film “La La Land” at the star-studded event and it went viral! 



And let’s not forget what happened after the ball… :-” 



Hey sexy eyes @enriquegil17 ❤

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Goodnight 🙏

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Enrique and Liza blew people away at the #JustLove Trade Launch this December with the teaser for their upcoming fantasy series, “Bagani.” 



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And they made our hearts skip a beat at the #JustLove Christmas Special with their intense eye-contact and angelic voices. ❤️

6. And the award goes to… 

A number of award-giving bodies gave our favorite duo LizQuen a lot of awards this year for all the work they’ve done! 

From the 7th EdukCircle Awards in September, Liza and Enrique bagged the awards for Most Influential Film Actress and Actor respectively, and Most Influential Female and Male Celebrity Endorser. 

From the 4th Awards, the two bagged the awards for Ultimate Male Movie Star, Ultimate Female Movie Star, Ultimate Movie Line, and Ultimate Movie of the Year, all for their film “My Ex and Whys”! 

And from the "ASAP" Pop Teen Choice Awards 2017, LizQuen received the awards for Favorite Love Team of the Year and Favorite Movie for “My Ex and Whys.” Liza received the award for Pop Sweetheart, while Enrique got the award for Pop Heartthrob.



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Congratulations, LizQuen!! 

7. Sharing the love! ❤️ 

Enrique and Liza’s hearts are just too big to contain all the love, so what do they do? Why, share it, of course! 

The two spearheaded several charity events this year alone and brought joy to so many people! 

Last November, the two joined ABS-CBN’s Chief Operating Officer of Broadcast Cory Vidanes at the annual gift-giving in Payatas. 



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“How wonderful it is to make somebody smile each day simply by giving a helping hand,” Liza wrote in her caption. “I hope everybody's Christmas is a merry one indeed! ❤️” 

Earlier this December, the two took to the streets and gave food and love to the less fortunate! 



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The love team then made charity visits in celebration of Liza’s upcoming birthday, bringing joy to the elderly and children alike! 



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8. Supportive ‘til the end! 

Of course, Liza and Enrique don’t do everything together (despite what many fans may want), but they sure are very supportive of one another! 

At Enrique’s “Seven Sundays” premiere last October, Liza was right there to support her leading man for his achievement. 

Liza was also in the audience when Enrique strut down the catwalk at the “Under the Stars” fashion show last November. 

And he was present at the launch of Liza’s new business venture, the Hope Hand and Foot Wellness Center, earlier this December, with a charming smile and flowers in hand.  



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It’s been a great year for LizQuen and we hope for an even better year for them in 2018! 

Here’s a summary of LizQuen’s activities this past year: