ALL IN 2017: MarNigo

The 10 best moments that made us ship MarNigo more this 2017

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/22/2017 in News
ALL IN 2017: MarNigo

Back in June, two people made us believe in destiny - on how fate made its own way to make two people meet. 

From two strangers with so much potential, to being a love team bursting with sparks, we know as early as now that these two are gonna make it even BIGGER - together.

And we're not just talking about anyone; it's no other than Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual - better known as MarNigo.

So before we look forward to their forthcoming journey in the next years to come, let's stop and look back to what 2017 had for these two as we reminisce their 10 best moments together.

Beware: Your blue hearts might explode from all the kilig! (Don't say we didn't warn you!!!)

1. MarNigo redefines talent

Probably one of the best reasons why their love team stands out from the rest is that they are both gifted with incredible talents. We all know how they can sing, dance, and play a musical instrument, but the two also wowed us with their collaborative songwriting which they showcased in “Tayo Na 'Di Tayo.” We are no fortune tellers, but we know that their paths are carved to make their way and boom in the music industry!



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2. Cheers for their "MMK" debut

The love team also verged on acting with their first "MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya)" appearance titled “Tape Recorder” aired last August. They surely did not disappoint as they have received high praises from fans and friends alike who have watched their episode. And just like you guys, we scream “MORE” shows and guestings for MarNigo! Our Christmas wish? A teleserye and perhaps a movie starring the two on 2018, please! #fingerscrossed

This scene tho! </3 

3. The Ultimate Breakthrough Love Team award from #SCA4!

Months into their love team and they've already brought home the bacon at the 4th Awards with the help of course of MarNigo fans!



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4. They are each other’s fan…
The two make sure that they got each other’s back all the time – and it really proves in every milestone one of them achieves. The two never forget to take it to their Instagram accounts, on how proud they are of each other’s talent and achievements. Take note: Hindi pa sila niyan ha! What more pa ‘pag sila na? :”>



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5. ..and social media hacker ;)


...but in a good way! They don’t mind letting each other slip into their SNS once in a while especially if it’s their faces who’ll fill their social media accounts. I mean, would you still mind someone getting into your Twitter profile if it’s as gorgeous and as handsome as these two that you’ll first see when you log in? I bet not! ;)




6. A+++++ effort for Star Magic Ball proposal


Inigo’s proposal for Maris asking her to be his Star Magic ball date is definitely one for the books. Inspired by a movie, Inigo created 100 tweets that are composed of his admiration for Maris, a recollection of their friendship, and other silly yet really ~kilig~ posts that made us all go craaaaazy… Of course it earned Maris’ sweet “yes!” 

And as if the Twitter proposal wasn't enough, Inigo personally asked Maris on the "ASAP" stage last September 17 by kneeling down with a rose in his hand while asking, “Will you be my date sa Star Magic Ball?” AAAAAH palimos po ng isang Inigo *u*

7. The unforgettable Star Magic Ball

It was a first for them to attend the Star Magic Ball together, so they made sure to make each moment count. From owning the stage during their dance performance, to upping the selfie game in the bathroom after the ball, these two just do know how to rock our lives with their own little world.





8. They make the sweetest birthday wishes
We don’t mind being single at all, but reading their sweet posts and birthday wishes for each other make us wish we have one. Haaaay blue hearts everywhere!!!



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Grabe lang!!! <3
9. From WIM to Mamameh + Papapeh <3
MarNigo likes to play it different when it comes to their terms of endearment. From WIM which means Wala Itong Malisya, we are still in awe on how they now call each other “Mamameh” and “Papapeh.” And we just can’t help but feel kilig whenever they mention it on screen! *squeal sounds*

10. MarNigo at the Thanksgiving Concert
This month started out really right with these two during Inigo’s #DahilSayoThanksgivingConcert last December 1. With Maris as one of his guests, they put the stage on fire and made us all go "ohhhh" and "wooooah" while singing and dancing to DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts.” 



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We only have three words for their sexy production number: HINDI NAMIN KINAYA! 

Mark our words: 2017 is just the start for these two. And we can't just wait to know what's in store for them in the next years, and perhaps, decades to come! All we know is we ship MarNigo... and who knows, they might just become a real couple. Iiiiih! :">