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Sarah shares realizations from second pregnancy

How different is Sarah’s first pregnancy to her current one? Find out here!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

12/19/2017 in News
Sarah shares realizations from second pregnancy

As Sarah Lahbati’s pregnancy to her second son with fiance Richard Gutierrez progresses smoothly, many asked her to write about her journey via a Q&A she posted on Twitter and she responded with a post on her blog, SarahLahbati.com (https://sarahlahbati.com/blog/first-pregnancy-vs-second-pregnancy/) comparing her two pregnancies. 

The actress recalled how when she was pregnant with her baby Zion back in 2013, she was constantly vomiting due to headaches and her back ached 24/7. She shared how she had such a big appetite and strange cravings, such as wanting lechon manok despite being in Europe at the time. 

Now, however, she no longer finds herself to be constantly nauseous or aching. Instead, she finds herself rather moody, often sleepy, and easily annoyed. But she’s also been able to feel her son’s movements -  even his heartbeat! - and distinguish it from pain. As for her appetite, she shared she’s been craving a lot of seafood, specifically shrimp, and peach iced tea. 

But the biggest difference is? 

“My first pregnancy was hard because I was away from the Philippines (away from Chard, my friends),” she wrote. “This time, I get to be with everyone I love! My partner, my son, my family and friends are all here to heap on love and support.” 

Sarah also shared the lessons she’s learned from both pregnancies. 

“When I found out I was going to be a mother for the first time, I learned to appreciate and love my mother even more for everything she has done for me,” she wrote. “I learned to be tough, to choose my battles wisely. My heart grew bigger as I learned that loving has no limits and that is what Zion has taught me.” 

“This time, I am learning not to sweat the small stuff, to let go of toxic people that are harming my happiness, to meditate and focus on all the blessings and my happiness. When you have a little miracle inside of you, it’s better to channel your energy to be and stay positive!” she ended. 

Sarah and Richard officially announced their engagement last July and their second baby last September.