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EXCLUSIVE: McLisse gets real about their 2017

Find out McCoy and Elisse's promises to each other for the coming year. ❤️

Rowena Joy Sanchez
Rowena Joy Sanchez

12/19/2017 in News
EXCLUSIVE: McLisse gets real about their 2017

In any relationship, when you're past the "getting to know" stage, what makes you stay? It's the foundation you've built, the fun you have with each other, and the storms you've weathered together. It’s more than the mutual admiration. It's the commitment. It's the love.

When it comes to love, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson need not say it outright - even King of Talk Boy Abunda recognized that - for us to feel the depth of their relationship, may it be official or is yet to get there. More than a year of being a love team, they've been everywhere and almost inseparable. You can't see one without the other, even when you know that each is able to shine on their own as well. The magic remains, but it grew roots, stems, and flowers.

"Mas tumitibay kami at mas nalalaman namin kung pa’no i-handle ang mga bagay-bagay para maging successful kami," McCoy said, with Elisse beside him, agreeing. We had the conversation after we surprised them with the Ultimate Love Team recognition they got from the 4th starcinema.com.ph Awards (#SCA4) - a definite level-up from their Breakthrough Love Team trophy the year before. (Also, McCoy won ReelxReal Fitspiration! Elisse had a song ready to tease him with: "Macho, macho man!")

"This year, alam na namin kung pa’no i-handle ‘yung mga bagay-bagay," Elisse, meanwhile, shared on how she and McCoy dealt with challenges they may not have talked openly, but loyal fans were sensitive about on social media. "Kapag may na-encounter na obstacles, alam namin na kayang lampasan kasi we know each other well enough."

Elisse added, “[Natutunan kong] mas maging open ako sa iba’t-ibang bagay and to be accepting whatever comes nang maluwag.”

What they always keep in mind is their unified goal, still: to succeed as a pair and as individuals; to make their supporters happy; and of course, to enjoy the journey.

Both agreed that the best part of their 2017 was their grand first anniversary celebration sponsored by their fans, last July. Upon mentioning this, McCoy had a little “kilig” banter with Elisse. Here’s how it went, in verbatim:

McCoy: “‘Yung first anniversary namin.”
Elisse: “Natin?”
McCoy: “Natin.”
Elisse: “McLisse?”
McCoy: “Oo.”

Then they let out the kind of giggle that spoke volumes about how they’re able to enjoy being in their own world amidst the craziness of show business.

They also celebrated milestones as individuals. McCoy is very happy to be a kuya to their fambam’s only daughter Shylla.

“Siya ‘yung pinaka-bunso namin. Siya ‘yung little princess namin sa bahay,” he enthused.

Elisse turned a bit more contemplative as McCoy was speaking. She shared after him, “This year has been super long na punung-puno ng mga nangyayari. Siguro po nung nagkaroon po ako ng bunga sa mga work ko. Kumbaga nagkaroon ng investment, bagong place to stay in na condo tsaka ‘yung business ko po na ongoing ngayon kaya fulfilled ‘yung feeling kasi may napupuntahan ‘yung pinagtatrabahuhan po.”

As they’re going for Year Two of being a love team, McLisse gave these promises to each other which, if you ask me, just solidifies the kind of respect, trust, and commitment that’s the stuff of lifetime partnerships.

“I promise to stay here and lift each other up,” Elisse said.

“Mapa-promise ko na sa 2018, hindi lang sa 2018, pati na sa mga susunod pang pwedeng mangyari, na kahit anong mangyari, iintindihin ko lahat at tatanggapin ko lahat ng pwedeng mangyari sa’min nang maluwag. Ipa-promise ko na palagi kang magiging masaya,” McCoy said back.

Whatever the future brings, it’s clear that they've made their choice: To stick with each other... and they want it to stay that way.

Catch this down-to-earth and talented duo in “Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday,” this Christmas.