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Robin talks about the ShaBin kissing scene

Robin Padilla still a “Mega fan”.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

11/30/2017 in News
Robin talks about the ShaBin kissing scene

Robin Padilla has revealed that he remains a Sharon Cuneta fanboy!

The action star was present during the “Unexpectedly Yours” Grand Media Launch last November 25 and revealed that in spite of his 16-year cinematic separation from the Megastar, and in spite of working with her thrice in the past, he’s still awed by her presence.

He said, “Sa akin po walang pagbabago. Ako’y tagahanga niya, idol ko siya. Fan naman ako talaga. Pag nage-eksena kami, lagi akong natutulala, sabi ko ‘Sharon Cuneta. Sharon Cuneta!’”

Robin also revealed a juicy little tidbit: may kissing scene ang ShaBin sa “UY”!

“Noong kinunan na halik, sabi ko ‘Nahalikan ko na naman si Sharon Cuneta!’ ‘Di na ako nakaalis doon sa fan mentality,” he shared.

The revelation of the kiss made the crowd go slightly wild, to which Robin commented: 

“Tanda na namin. Kami 'pag nawalan ng kissing scene sa pelikula, pangit ‘yun.”

"Unexpectedly Yours" reunites Sharon and Robin Padilla after 16 years of cinematic separation. It tells the story of Patty (Sharon Cuneta), a proud and successful marketing executive in the midst of a midlife crisis, finds herself being reunited with her high school batchmate, the simple and humble seaman Cocoy (Robin Padilla), not only as organizers of their high school reunion but also as new neighbors.

And as Cocoy moves in next door, Yanni (Julia Barretto), Patty's headstrong daughter who is eager to leave and to live her own life, also meets his fun-loving nephew Jason (Joshua Garcia), who has been an avid follower of Yanni and her social media accounts.

Now, as both Patty and Yanni are undergoing big changes in their lives, how will things turn out when love unexpectedly comes their way?

The film, helmed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, is now showing in cinemas nationwide. 

Watch the trailer here:

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