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Pia stands up against HIV shaming

Pia isn’t tolerating the HIV stigma any longer

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

11/29/2017 in News
Pia stands up against HIV shaming

Pia Wurtzbach has once again championed the rights of the LGBT community and those diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.

The beauty queen-actress took to Instagram to condemn what the PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) did to the supposedly gay drug dealers they busted last November 26: they revealed one of the suspects was diagnosed with HIV.

“The HIV status of one of them was released. Was this really necessary? I understand that what the men were supposedly doing was illegal and they should face legal consequences, but there was absolutely no need to expose and publicly shame them. It’s illegal to publicly announce one’s HIV status,” she wrote.



Pia further said that revealing the information worsened the stigma surrounding HIV in the Philippines.

She stated, “We’re working so hard in educating the people properly on HIV/AIDS, on taking away the stigma. Because of what PDEA and the news outlet have done, some people are now associating drugs and immorality with being gay. It’s ridiculous.”

It can be remembered that in her winning answer at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, Pia vowed to help raise awareness for HIV and AIDS in the country.

Pia then reiterated that the alleged drug dealers should pay for their crimes, but they should never have to apologize for being gay. She also called out PDEA, news outlets, and the whole Filipino nation to take steps in mending the situation.

“‘Wag po tayo maging judgmental. Hindi immoral ang maging bakla, hindi dapat ituring na kaparusahan ang HIV. At lalong hindi ito biro na dapat pagpyestahan at pagtawanan. To my beloved LGBT community, stay strong. We’ll win this,” she said.

Pia stars in the upcoming superhero comedy “Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad” alongside Vice Ganda and Daniel Padilla this Christmas.