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Kris, handang makipaglaban para kina Kim at Erich!

Kris is the best “stage ate” these girls could ask for!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

11/24/2017 in News
Kris, handang makipaglaban para kina Kim at Erich!

Kris Aquino took to Instagram to show her unwavering support for actresses Erich Gonzales and Kim Chiu. 

“Had God blessed me with daughters, @erichgg and @chinitaprincess would’ve been my chosen ‘panganays’- so 2nd best is I’m their adopted ATE forever,” Kris wrote in one of her two long posts for the girls. 



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Overjoyed at Erich’s achievement, Kris congratulated her for being the new calendar girl for a liquor brand. 

“She (Erich) showed me the raw pictures from her photo shoot, her physical fitness just amazes me, (same with Kimmy - pumikit lang ako, naging super athletic and sports enthusiasts na sila). But above everything else, Erich epitomizes a quote I read and believe in - Life said: ‘Yes, beautiful girl I will make you happy, but first let me make you strong,’” she wrote in her post. 



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In another post, Kris praised Kim for her discipline. 

“Because I am a proud #StageAte. Whenever I think of @chinitaprincess, this quote comes to mind: ‘Here’s to STRONG WOMEN. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.’ I think she can attest to this,” she wrote. 

The Queen of All Media also shared that she was prepared to fight for her two girls. 

“There are just some people you know you can TRUST, you can share your most important dreams and confidences with them and you know those conversations will forever just be between the two of you,” Kris wrote. “For the two of us, we’ve had that special bond for more than 8 years. And she knows this kaharap or nakatalikod (just like with @erichgg) whenever anybody dares say 'chismis' about the two - maghanda sila because I not just clarify but I really put those people in their place. In other words, NAKIKIPAGLABAN talaga ko for these two girls. Why? Because wherever I’ve stood, sa highest and sa lowest, they’ve stayed consistent in their love. It is as simple and as REAL as that,” Kris wrote.