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5 times Maris made us laugh on #AskMaris

Witty Maris strikes again!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

11/24/2017 in News
5 times Maris made us laugh on #AskMaris

Maris Racal just might be the funniest celebrity on Twitter.

The actress-singer is known for her funny jokes and kalog advice on the versatile social media platform, and she flexed her sharp wit again when she started #AskMaris last night, November 23.

Here are five of her wittiest answers that will leave tears of joy in your eyes:

1. When she gave the perfect baby name

Somebody asked Maris to suggest a name for her baby, and of course Maris answered “Unicorn Lover_18”! Isn’t it perfect for the age of social media? Real name mo na, username mo pa! 😂



2. When she made an important choice between bananacue and kamotecue

The only “cue” that matters for Maris is “‘Yung mahal acue,” and we couldn’t agree more!!! Hirap kasing hanapin eh (huhuhu).



3. When she gave an all-new meaning to “TOTGA”

TOTGA (The One That Got Away) already has a pretty heart-wrenching definition, but Maris took things to the next level by giving it a new meaning: Taken Or Taken for Granted Always.

Taas kamay sa mga nakaka-relate! 



4. When she told us what to do to those pesky “K” replies

Nothing is more annoying than getting a “K.” after pouring your heart out on a text. Maris’ solution? ‘Wag mo na reply-an, besh! “Walang sagot ‘yan!!! Forever ‘yang ‘di sinasagot dapat!!!!”



5. When she gave a “fitness tip”

A fan asked her what needs to be “worked out,” and Maris answered “Tayo!!!! Tayo!!!!”

(Uyyyy, may hugot kaya si Maris dito? 😂😂😂)



Maris stars in the afternoon series “Hanggang Saan.” It starts airing on Kapamilya Gold on November 27.