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Kisses, Tony get close on ‘One Music POPSSSS’

A major TonKiss moment has happened and we are low-key freaking out!

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

11/22/2017 in News
Kisses, Tony get close on ‘One Music POPSSSS’

Get your heart emojis ready because this major TonKiss moment calls for a kilig-fest! 

The ship has officially sailed and those who are backing it should thank Inigo Pascual for getting Tony Labrusca and Kisses Delavin close on the online show “One Music POPSSSS” last Tuesday, November 21. 

The “Dahil Sa’yo” hitmaker dared the two to do a head-to-head challenge when Kisses failed to succeed on a game of Hearing Things, where she had to guess what Tony was saying while listening to loud music through big headphones. 

Kisses tried to get away with it by saying, "Wala namang malisya sa amin kasi friends kami” but Inigo only turned it into a good reason that they should do the challenge!

So they did. And it’s a full good minute of nothing but TonKiss goodness!