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Direk Cathy, naging 'double' ni Mega!

Talaga naman: Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina is a hands-on director!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

11/20/2017 in News
Direk Cathy, naging 'double' ni Mega!

Here's proof that if you want something done well, sometimes you have to do it yourself. 

In new footage from the set of the upcoming rom-com "Unexpectedly Yours" courtesy of one of its lead stars Robin Padilla, we see the fearless Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina stepping in as double for the Megastar Sharon Cuneta for one very important shot!



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In the caption, Robin wrote, "Chill lang Nothing to worry about, nothing serious. Very crucial lang ang stopping point ng kotse ni Ma'am Sharon at si Direk lang nakakaalam ng tama at eksaktong marker."

According to the action star, Direk Cathy is managing every single aspect of the film the only way she knows how: beautifully.

Robin continued, "Hindi lang 'yan ang ginagawa ni Direk as the Captain of our ship. Palagian makeup artist siya, hairdresser, stylist etc., etc."

"Her touch is always much awaited sa set, [because] it defines her passion."

"Unexpectedly Yours" tells the story of two women: Patty (Sharon Cuneta) and her daughter Yanni (Julia Barretto) whose quiet lives get an unexpected shake-up when love—in the form of Cocoy (Robin Padilla) and Jason (Joshua Garcia)—comes knocking on their door. 

Helmed by the rom-com legend Cathy Garcia-Molina, it will hit cinemas this November 29.