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SamKi goes as ‘X-Men’ this Halloween!

See here to find out which “X-Men” they dressed up as!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

11/2/2017 in News
SamKi goes as ‘X-Men’ this Halloween!

Sam Concepcion and Kiana Valenciano celebrated Halloween in style by channeling some very powerful people. 

The couple dressed up as “X-Men” members Quicksilver and Storm when they attended a Halloween party with Kiana’s brother Paolo and his wife Samantha. 



(That’s Paolo dressed as “Guardians of the Galaxy”’s Starlord/Peter Quill in the middle.) 

Here’s a closer look at Kiana’s awesome costume: 



A post shared by Kiana 🌙 (@kianavee) on


In her caption, she wrote, “A storm is coming. #Halloween17” 

Kiana has a history of going all-out for Halloween, having dressed up as another “X-Men” character, Mystique, in 2014, and as DC supervillain Harley Quinn back in 2013. 



A post shared by Kiana 🌙 (@kianavee) on


It’s amazing how great all her costumes were! 

Did Kiana have to convince Sam to dress up? 

Well, whatever the case, you can’t argue with the results!