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Alice talks about her past relationship with ex-husband

Alice Dixson recalls what didn't work out in her marriage

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

11/17/2017 in News
Alice talks about her past relationship with ex-husband

"It was one of toughest decisions I've made in my life."

This was Alice Dixon's revelation about her previous marriage to Ronnie Miranda in her "Magandang Buhay" guesting yesterday,November 16.

"It took me like two years, three years to really come up with that conclusion," she added.

It was Alice's choice to end the relationship because, "I really thought it was time for the relationship to end. We really had irreconcilable differences. Although he still wanted to work it out..." 

"Ang babae kasi 'pag napagod na and they say no more, no more talaga," she explained. "Pero 'pag ang lalaki ang umayaw, may tsansa pang magkabalikan."

Alice then recalled what didn't work out in their relationship.

"How can I say this without hurting the other party? Kasi syempre kahit papaano minahal mo rin 'yung taong 'yun even though it didn't work out. I think ang pinaka natutunan ko is kasi if I recall 'yung away namin is very petty. Kung iisipin ko, right? 'Yung mga away niyo 'pag bata kayo is like 'You didn't do the dishes. Hindi ka nakapaglaba. Hindi ka nakapag-iron.' 'Yung mga ganun. Ang petty, napaka-petty kung tutuusin. But when you get more mature, a better outlook on yourself, you'll realize. 

"So maybe that was one of the reasons. He was one of my biggest loves. It was a heartache to let go," the 48-year-old actress shared.

Alice still believes that everything happens for a reason and reiterated that she doesn't regret anything in her life.

"No (hindi ko ni-regret) because I think I'm a very practical person," she stressed.

What does that mean?

"I remember when I was candidate sa Bb. Pilipinas they asked me 'Do you believe in divorce?' And I said 'No because if a couple wants to be married, they should make up their minds before.  If you allow divorce to happen, you have a reason to separate 'di ba? Pero I was very young. I didn't know the complications of relationships at that time. 

"Pinalakpakan ako kasi it's very idealistic. In my heart, ayoko rin nun, ayoko magkahiwalay but sometimes... 'Di ba sabi nga ni Adele 'sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead,'" Alice explained, quoting the song "Someone Like You" in the end. 

Alice and Ronnie got married May 28 of 1999. But 13 years later in 2012, they parted ways. The divorce was finalized in February 2013.

Meanwhile, Alice is among the cast members of the latest Chito Rono film "The Ghost Bride" starring Kim Chiu which is now on its third week in cinemas.