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'The Ghost Bride' receives special recognition in Nepal

The "The Ghost Bride" happenings in Nepal

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

11/11/2017 in News
'The Ghost Bride' receives special recognition in Nepal

It's "The Ghost Bride" overload this weekend!

As a treat to everyone who has watched and will watch the film, one of the Chito Rono film's production staff Nino Valencia shared sneak peeks of their pre-production and ocular visit in Nepal on his Instagram account (@anino).

Nino described it as, " a fun and challenging experience to shoot out of the country."

He also commended Direk Chito and line producer Lea Calmerin.

"Thankfully,  the directions of @chitorono and guidance of our producer, @leacalmerin mold the project to a success!"

In another post, Nino revealed the special recognition they received in Nepal.



A post shared by Nino Valencia (@anino) on


"#TheGhostBride team receiving a special recognition from the wonderful people of #Nepal! 

"Thank you so much Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal - Member of the Parliament of the government of Nepal, Mrs. Blessie Gadon Dhakal- President of NEPAL Philippines Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Consul General Suraj Vaidya- Philippines Consulate of the Republic of the Philippines in NEPAL and Mrs. Shova Gyawali- Director of Republic Media House for the warm welcome and hospitality during our shoot in your country. 😊"


"The Ghost Bride," starring Kim Chiu, is now on its second blockbuster week in cinemas nationwide!