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Exclusive Q&A: Maricar breaks down Samantha's dramatic death, journey on 'La Luna Sangre'

Plus: What did Maricar not expect about Kathryn? What more did she want to do with Angel?

Rowena Joy Sanchez
Rowena Joy Sanchez

11/10/2017 in News
Exclusive Q&A: Maricar breaks down Samantha's dramatic death, journey on 'La Luna Sangre'

We've seen so many characters on soap operas that the iconic ones seem to be getting harder and harder to come by. Yet our TV-hungry souls have been #blessedt this year with a handful, and one of them is Samantha Imperial, the purposeful and graceful vampire on "La Luna Sangre."

Who better play her than a woman who also exhibits purpose and grace in real life: the ethereally beautiful Maricar Reyes, who first took on the role in the "LLS" predecessor, "Imortal."

Her character's death on the show - unfortunately because she failed to lure her brother Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) to turn to good - ignited feelings after feelings after feelings from passionate "La Luna Sangre" fans, with many hoping that she would still be able to return to complete the mission with Jacintha Magsaysay (Angel Locsin). 

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We sat down with Maricar recently to find out her thoughts on Samantha's fate and choices on the story, what she thinks about her co-stars (special mentions went to Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Richard Gutierrez, and Angel Locsin), that time she got injured during a fight scene with Daniel, and what she wants to tell the passionate supporters who may be divided about the show's plot.

starcinema.com.ph: What can you say about the positive reception on Samatha's run on "La Luna Sangre"?
Maricar: "As actors that's why we live and breathe to make and to know we made the fans happy. This is the role I had the most fun. Naa-appreciate ko lahat ng roles na nagampanan ko, pero in terms of fun, si Sam talaga kasi good siya, pero bad, may action, may drama, so ang saya niya lang talagang gampanan."

S: Do you agree with her choices even if it meant that she had to die?
M: If I'm thinking as Sam, tama eh. Kasi si Sam is someone with purpose. She wants to fulfill 'yung purpose niya. And 'yun 'yung naisip niyang way para maprotektahan 'yung mga gusto niyang protektahan. 'Yung Itinakda. Very important sa kanya 'yung prophecy. Talagang gagawin niya 'yung lahat para ma-fulfill niya 'yung goal for that. Agree naman ako.

S: What would you have wanted to do more if Samantha stayed?
M: Nakikita ko sa mga comments, gustung-gusto nila kapag nagsasagutan kami ni Jacintha. Sobrang enjoy akong kabatuhan ng linya si Angel kasi ang galing niya. So sana more of those scenes.

S: What was the most memorable scene you did?
M: Every fight scene. I think 'yun 'yung one of the reasons kung ba't siya nagiging iba kasi usually nasa drama lang kami, so doing a fight scene is sobrang nakakabuhay ng loob. 

S: Did you ever get injured while taping a fight scene?
M: 'Yung fight namin ni Tristan (Daniel), na-sprain 'yung ankle ko. Pero kaya naman. May medic on the set, naagapan agad, so naging okay siya.

S: What do you miss the most about your co-actors?
M: Wala akong masyadong eksena with Kath except just a few short ones... And then nagulat ako na she's very professional in terms of the fight. Siyempre si Kath, cute-cute, parang you're scared to fight her, pero actually 'pag start na nung scene, talagang game siya so pleasantly surprised ako sa kanya. The rest, natutuwa ako na si Daniel, Angel, and Richard, lahat sila mahihirit. Actually the show is very serious pero off-cam sobrang kengkoy nila. So ang saya. 

S: What is the most important lesson you got from Samantha?
M: Gusto ko 'yung sense of purpose niya. 'Yung talagang may misyon ako and I have to finish it. Kasi ako minsan parang tatamad-tamad... Kapag tatamad-tamad ako, it's nice to remember Sam kasi she always has a purpose.

S: For the sake of some viewers who might've been confused, how come Samantha didn't disintegrate when Sandrino finished her off? Does that mean there's a chance she'd go back?
M: Thank you sa mga gusto akong bumalik. Number one, fantaserye ito. Anything can happen. Let's see. Number two, hindi siya nag-disintegrate kasi if you remember dun sa scene, tumibok na 'yung puso ni Sam so nawala na 'yung pagiging vampire niya. That was the moment na pinatay siya. Only vampires disintegrate so in a way, human na siya kaya ganun pa rin 'yung body niya.

S: What are you most excited about to unfold in the coming episodes?
M: Gusto ko nang lumabas 'yung kapangyarihan ni Malia! 'Yun 'yung top ko. We ended with Tristan, baka may something sa dugo niya, so ano 'yon? Sina Sandrino and Jacintha... nakakatuwa rin 'yung parang pseudo-love story, that's also exciting. 

S: What do you want the fans to understand in terms of how the show is going and how the stars' characters are being developed?
M: When I see comments na dapat ganito 'yung show, dapat ganito 'yung story, ako okay lang. Kung ako lang, I would encourage it kasi it's an idea eh. Ang akin lang, kung hindi siya phrased respectfully, baka hindi masyadong tatanggapin nang maganda 'yung suggestion mo. Pero I like that, I like it when people say na ganito na lang or ganyan, kasi it shows me that people are also creative and ako, intindihin niyo lang din na may Creatives sa Star (Creatives) who are doing their best and they really are. Nakikita ko sa set, the short time that I was with 'La Luna Sangre,' nakikita ko kung ga'no kapuyat lahat, as in lahat, pati mga writers, hindi 'yan natutulog, hindi nagbabakasyon, to make sure that the viewers are on their toes. Hindi mo talaga alam kung ano'ng mangyayari, hindi mo siya mape-predict, so sobra kong naa-appreciate 'yung effort nila and sana ma-appreciate rin nila (viewers). 



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