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We're so kilig over Iza and Ben's sweet but intimate engagement!

Yay Iza and Ben!!! <3>

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

10/9/2017 in News
We're so kilig over Iza and Ben's sweet but intimate engagement!

Yesterday, October 8, actress Iza Calzado got the surprise of her life when her Fil-Brit businessman boyfriend of five years Ben Wintle got down on one knee and asked asked her to marry him.

And of course she said YES!

Designer Rajo Laurel posted about the proposal, which took place in Tagaytay, on his Instagram account.

He later followed it up with a video of the proposal. Iza jokingly asked to see the ring first and was already in tears before Ben could even ask the question.



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In another video of the proposal, this time posted by Iza’s manager Noel Ferrer, Ben told Iza, “Gusto ko ikaw lang ang kasama kong kumain at sumayaw habang buhay. Mahal kita.”



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Another video showed Iza taking the ring from her beau’s hands, biting it to check if it was real, and returned the ring to him, satisfied, allowing him to continue with his proposal. The actress, of course, said yes, but hastily added a condition: “As long as you shower every night before bed. Yay!”



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One of Iza's closest friends Karylle was also present to witness such special moment, and in her post, talked about the former's love story with Ben.



"I first met @benmwintle and his payong in almon marina...then we watched the #blackeyedpeas later that night. Eventually, we became partners in his @bookyapp, traveled to KL, LA, shared stories about **** adventures, I've watched him as a pole on the dance floor and i watched him gently stay at iza's side during the bad times. 

"I made sure to get Tito Lito's approval which of course Ben Tumbling got at the hospital. Si @missizacalzado, you know how much we love each other naman na. Love u both and congratulations "



Stylist Katrina Cruz-Villanueva posted a close-up shot of Iza’s gorgeous engagement ring:

Congratulations to the happy couple!