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Direk Cathy-Garcia reveals plans to retire from showbiz

Ano nga ba ang nag-udyok kay Direk Cathy upang mag-retiro?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

10/9/2017 in News
Direk Cathy-Garcia reveals plans to retire from showbiz

Looks like Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina is calling it a wrap on her long and legendary career as a filmmaker.


Yesterday, October 11, during the "Seven Sundays" Grand Press Conference, the director revealed that she is dead-set on retiring from show business when her contract expires in 2019.


"Yes, I am (retiring). Yes, I already told the company. Pero hindi pa ako pinapayagan!"


Direk Cathy's reason? Her two daughters from late husband Philip "Epoy" Molina: Kayin, who is 12, and Basha, who is 11.


"My family needs me. My kids need me. I have given enough for the business and my company. It’s time I give my children my time."


The upcoming family drama-comedy "Seven Sundays" will be her third-to-the last and Direk Cathy admitted that it's very close to her heart.


"This movie is my 20th and this movie is so much a part of me. I am in each one of them, and this is more or less the story of my family," she said.


According to the legendary director, she will follow up "Seven Sundays" with a movie with Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla, and another with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.


“Seven Sundays” tells the story of the four Bonifacio siblings, (Dingdong Dantes, Cristine Reyes, Enrique Gil and Aga), who are forced to return to their childhood home when their Tatay Manuel (Ronaldo Valdez) is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The main question is, as they confront their history, will they be able to reconnect and find redemption in each other?


It opens in cinemas October 11!


Watch the trailer here: