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‘Kasal’: The perfect cast for a complex story

Bea: “Hindi ako papayag na hindi sa akin mapupunta ‘to. As in ilalaban ko.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/23/2017 in News
‘Kasal’: The perfect cast for a complex story

Director Ruel S. Bayani said it himself. Waiting for almost five years to work on a film is every bit worth it if you’re getting the perfect cast to play in a very interesting and complex story. 

At the film’s story conference today, October 23, we learned that the film is titled “Kasal” and it’s going to be about three different people making very difficult choices. 

“Napaka-complicated ng movie that’s why we’ll only give you enough. Ang hirap din because ‘di namin pwede sabihin ‘yung ibang parts ng movie. That’s why we’re only going to say at this point that it’s going to be a story about three adult complex characters na nagi-intersect sa particular junction na ito ng kuwento. One wants to stop a wedding, one wants to proceed with the wedding, and there’s a woman between them who is trying to decide who to choose, which wedding to go to, what decision to make, and choices. It’s a movie about difficult choices,” Direk Ruel shared. 

It’s starring three of the best actors of their generation, Derek Ramsay, Paulo Avelino, and Bea Alonzo, and Direk Ruel is glad that they have finally managed to put their schedules together to make this film happen. 

“I’m very happy that I have three brilliant actors, three accomplished actors at this stage in their careers, na nagkita-kita kaming apat to work on this film,” he said. “We waited a whole year para magkita-kita ang schedule nilang tatlo and hindi ako nag-complain kasi I believe there’s a good reason to wait and waiting for the three of them is good enough reason to make another movie after five years.” 

“Honestly, as a filmmaker, I believe na napakaswerte namin that Star Cinema is giving us hundred-percent confidence to be doing a very difficult movie dahil alam nila that we are responsible and we are going to cease this opportunity, hindi namin sasayangin ‘to, and we will work hard acceptance and respect of our audience,” he relayed. 

Direk Ruel added, “I only do movies na may pagka-daring. Ang excitement dito ay all three of them are willing to stretch themselves to expand themselves, to challenge themselves, to try on different kinds of characters, hindi ‘yung typical nilang ginagawa or mas daring sa usual na ginagawa nila We’re all mature filmmakers here at ang focus natin is the story to tell and how to tell that story. Usually very mature stories require a lot of sensitivity, understanding, and commitment para mai-deliver sa audience.” 

Later on he revealed that he was given a chance to replace the cast he had in mind, but he insisted to wait for the three to become available. “We have every reason to replace actors kasi mga five times na dapat mag-start ‘to, kasi I feel na buti na lang hindi tayo nag-give in because you only start the movie ‘pag perfect ang casting and we have a perfect cast. You have every reason to be excited.” 

Derek, who has worked with Direk Ruel in the mega-hit “No Other Woman” seven years ago, said that he’s pretty excited to work on “Kasal” and for all the things that he’ll surely learn from it. “[Direk Ruel] trusts us with our experience and what we’ve learned in the years that we’ve been actors and actresses. I’m very very excited to play this complicated character that I’m going to play and I’m excited to work with such a brilliant cast.” 

Paulo teased a little about the story that he’s sure people would love. “Basing it on the synopsis that they sent us, I think it’s going to be a really interesting film.” 

As for Bea, “Kasal” is going to be so much different from all the past films she has done. In fact, the story captured her so much that she was willing to really to fight to play in it. 

“It’s totally different. It’s very new. It’s extra exciting for me.” She continued, “Sa totoo lang nung una kong nabasa ‘yung unang liner na binigay nila sa akin of the story, sinabi ko talaga na hindi ako papayag na hindi sa akin mapupunta ‘to. As in ilalaban ko. Kasi you don’t stumble upon a script na talagang makaka-connect ka, makikita mo ‘yung sarili mo doing that specific character. Sabi ko talaga ito ‘yung klase ng script na ilalaban ko. Ito ‘yung klase ng project na hindi mo talaga papalagpasin.” 

“Kasal” is set to premiere some time in 2018.