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Chito Rono: A true master director

Let's enter different worlds through the eyes of THE Chito Rono

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

10/22/2017 in News
Chito Rono: A true master director

Name any type of film and it's likely director Chito Rono made at least one of them.

Whether it's a horror movie, or a comedy, a drama, and even a supernatural movie, the acclaimed director have handled it exceptionally. 

From the tear-jerker "Caregiver," to the substantial "Dekada '70," to the reality of life in "Etiquette For Mistresses," to spreading awareness and advocacies in "Bata, Bata.. Pa'no Ka Ginawa," up to scaring the hell out of us in "Feng Shui," Direk Chito's execution have itched and left a mark in the Filipino's hearts.

To honor the award-winning director's contribution to the industry, we've compiled some of his blockbuster movies and notable characters to best illustrate his versatility.

Meanwhile, on November 1, another masterpiece titled "The Ghost Bride" from THE Chito Rono will unfold in cinemas nationwide!

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