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Megan explains body-baring Instagram post

Megan defends all the balakang babes out there

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

10/2/2017 in News
Megan explains body-baring Instagram post

Megan Young broke the internet last week when she posted a body-baring Instagram photo with her bum in full view.


Although many netizens praised the actress for her figure, there were still some who frowned upon the "too-daring" photo.




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The Miss World 2013 defended her post at the Star Magic Ball last September 30, however, and stated that the photo was meant to boost body positivity.



“I’m more confident in myself now that I’m working out and eating well. Sometimes people have this notion that being mabalakang is mataba on other people, but I’m like whatever, I’m embracing myself and my body,” she said.


She also wished that the confidence she showed on her post will inspire other women’s confidence as well.


“I know that there are other women who have the same body type as me and I want them to… know that it’s okay to be a balakang babe,” she said.