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#LaLunaSangreUndercover Scene of the Day: Where’s Apple?!

The Toralbas were in a state of panic as Apple (Maymay) went missing #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

10/2/2017 in News
#LaLunaSangreUndercover Scene of the Day: Where’s Apple?!

Tristan (Daniel Padilla) felt his first taste of fear on last Friday’s (September 29) episode of “La Luna Sangre.”

The young man who so often jumped at the chance to battle it out with vampires and stood cool in their presence was shaken when he thought his dearest sister Apple (Maymay Entrata) was taken by Supremo (Richard Gutierrez) and Sen. Paglinauan’s (Freddie Webb) people.

Tristan and his team of Moonchasers were successful in their mission to infiltrate Sen. Paglinauan’s office to gather information that could be used against him, but one of the files they downloaded was a video of Apple being tortured by two men. This led Tristan to call Paglinauan’s assistant Nisha (Karel Marquez) in his panic, demanding to know where they took his sister, but she didn’t answer him. Instead, she told him to be more careful.

Tristan rushed home and was about to go look for Apple with his family when the young girl appeared, all wet, messed up, and pretty shaken. This is our scene of the day!! And here’s why:

Every Toralba was panicking, worried sick about Apple (gosh, I think this is the first time we’ve seen all of them so worried… it’s not good for Lolo Gabriel [Noel Trinidad] and Lola Pina [Debraliz Valasote].)
The way Tristan came running to their house, already asking for Apple (protective kuya feels~)
How they kinda argued about trying to contact Apple (yo it’s not time to fight! Go look for her already!)
The anxiety in Betty’s (Gelli de Belen) voice when she said she’d been trying to contact the girl (grabe, I worry about how much Betty worries, but she’s got reason to worry right now so…)
How the entire family was ready to go look for Apple when she suddenly appeared (OMG WHAT DID THEY DO TO HER?!)
The way Apple looked so disheveled - hair messed up, tears running down her face, fear in her eyes (omg omg was she really tortured by Paglinauan’s men??)
How Tristan asked Apple what happened but looked scared to hear the answer (Tristaaaan they got to your family *loud crying*)
The way Apple said, “Mga hayop sila… mga hayop sila!” (OHMYGAD WHAT DID THEY DO?!?!?! Let me at them! They hurt an innocent girl! Let me at them!)
The looks of horror on all their faces as Apple cried into Tristan’s shoulder (Paglinauan got to your family! EVERYONE RUN FOR THE HILLS!)
How Tristan looked like he was going to break down himself when Apple gave them a small smile and said, “Acting lang ‘yun.” (WAIT WHAT?!)
The way Apple wiped away her tears and cheerfully told her family that she auditioned for the theater club at the suggestion of someone from the guidance office at her school so she could find more friends (ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!)
The disbelieving look on Tristan’s face as Apple explained how her audition went - exactly as he saw in the video (yeah, I’m right there with you!)
How Lolo Gabriel, Lola Pina, and Betty were so angry that Apple made them worry (Oo nga naman, Apple! You should’ve called!)
The calm and serious way Tristan told Apple to call next time (who knows what might’ve happened to you!!!)
And the way he hugged her, relieved she was okay (...but she might not be next time)

I have to say, that was a genius plan on Paglinauan’s part. Scare Tristan enough to show him that he and his family weren’t untouchable without actually doing anything wrong. Bravo.  

Elsewhere, Gilbert practically stood Jacintha (Angel Locsin) when he didn’t show up for their dinner/celebration of friendship and abandoned her at the resort without saying a word. When she came looking for him the next day, he told her he no longer had use for her as he was firing her as his political strategist.

Will Tristan back off from Paglinauan? Or did this incident with Apple just further strengthen his resolve? Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” tonight on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."