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Why Khalil Ramos is a 'woke' millennial icon

How does Khalil use his influence to promote mental health awareness?

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

10/18/2017 in News
Why Khalil Ramos is a 'woke' millennial icon

Khalil Ramos is a young star who's extremely talented, cutting across various fields of media and the arts. He is an inspiration as an artist, but another thing that makes him more admirable is how much of a well-rounded, woke person he is.


At the age of 21, Khalil is using the platforms he has been given, to spread the word on mental health advocacy.


"As an artist, as an actor, and as an influential person, I believe all of us have something to fight for, and for me it's mental health," Khalil shared to us during the bloggers conference for his movie "Riding in Tandem" last October 14.


"It's based off of an experience, personally. And that's why I chose mental health to be my advocacy. And I believe that there's still a stigma kasi eh," he said.


He continued that he knows how much he can touch the life of even a single person through something that he posts on social media, or show in his works. He said:


"'Yung issue na biglang pumutok just last week, it's obvious that there's still a stigma against mental health and all the mental illnesses, and I guess I took that opportunity to kind of raise awareness. I tweeted kasi last week about depression, how we should spread awareness about it and it got picked up by a lot of news articles na sinama 'yung tweet na 'yun."


"For me kasi, it's real, there are still false ideas about it, na depression is just a state of mind. [But] there's so much evidence to back it up and there's no reason for us to have this stigma na hindi naman siya totoo. And we should acknowledge it. And a lot of people are battling it. We should help them," he explained.


Though generally, our society still needs more information and awareness about mental health, Khalil is happy that finally, more and more people are starting to talk about it.


"We really have to spread awareness about it para matulungan din natin sila. It's not an issue only here, but also abroad, what with [the recent demise] of Chester Bennington (rock band Linkin' Park's vocalist), and Robin Williams (Hollywood actor). I'm happy that we're starting to talk about it," he said.


Ultimately, through the platforms where he has the power to reach such as social media, his films, and his art, Khalil hopes to continue to give light to as many people as he can.


"It's not only depression, it's a lot of mental health illnesses that surround us and it can affect anyone. Because of the living condition, because of our environment, because of family. I guess we just really have to help and spread awareness for everyone," he said.


Meanwhile, Khalil's new movie "Riding in Tandem" goes to depict the life of two criminals driven by revenge. The movie also encourages people to think about sacrifices for family, second chances, and forgiveness.

This action film is part of Cine Lokal's selections for October, and is showing in select SM cinemas until October 19.

Watch the trailer here: