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#SCA4: Round 2 of New Categories - VOTE HERE!

Welcome to round 2 of #SCA4 - New Categories! The voting continues!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/17/2017 in News
#SCA4: Round 2 of New Categories - VOTE HERE!

After the first wave of nominees, we now present to you, the FINALISTS for the NEW CATEGORIES of the fourth starcinema.com.ph Awards!

You've voted for them before, and you have to keep going to help your favorite artists claim the ultimate award! 

And don't worry, because your votes from Round 1, will be included in the final count to determine the winners. 

Don’t to forget to: 

• VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! Yes, because here at SCA4 we would like to give YOU the power to really fight for your idols! 

• WAIT FOR FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS! Follow all Star Cinema digital platforms and keep an eye out for updates, poll standings, and more surprises! 

• PLAY CLEAN! Who gets these awards are in your hands, but SCA4 is meant to be fun! 

1. Ultimate Celeb Vlogger
2. Ultimate Fresh Male Face
3. Ultimate Fresh Female Face
4. Ultimate TV Host
5. Ultimate Scene Stealer

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