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Khalil learned to 'fight' from one of the masters in action

Khalil shares why "Riding in Tandem" is relevant to all of us

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

10/17/2017 in News
Khalil learned to 'fight' from one of the masters in action

Khalil Ramos, a face we first saw as the 2nd place winner of "Pilipinas Got Talent" in 2011, has taken a few turns in his career, which led him to starring in the action film "Riding in Tandem" today.

He started as a singer, eventually got cast in films and TV shows, booked advertisements, and is also knowledgeable in production work. With this much in his plate, how did he manage to prepare for the fight scenes in "Riding in Tandem"?

In his bloggers conference for the said movie last Saturday, October 14, Khalil shared that he had an amazing time training because it was an all-new experience to him.

"Sa fight director namin, I was able to train with him how to hold a gun, how to fire cinematically, how to throw punches cinematically," he said.

As for his mental preparations, he uses method acting, which means that he goes to have a complete emotional identification with his character prior to shooting.

He related, "Preparations ko for the role mismo, well, ako my process as preparing kasi as a method actor, I get into the mind of the character and for this one, I started of course with the basics na tricycle driver siya, so paano ba kumilos ang laging nagmamaneho ng motor, na 'yun talaga 'yung hanap-buhay. Then, eventually from that starting point until the end of getting into character, na talagang no double thoughts, no doubts, na kaya mong pumatay at bumaril ng tao. 'Yun 'yung preparations ko internally."

Will he ever do another action film in the future?

"In the future kung mag a-action ako ulit, [ang ganda kasi] natuto ako sa isa sa mga masters, si Direk Toto Natividad, na ang tagal nang nag-a-action films."

He also shared his pegs in terms of action.

"Ang dream ko talaga, is an action film like 'The Raid.' Martial art combat also like 'Old Man,' 'yung mga Korean, Indonesian films na matindi na bakbakan. Of course dito sa Pilipinas, the legends of action sila FPJ (Fernardo Poe, Jr.), Lito Lapid, syempre 'yun 'yung mga napapanood ko dati as a kid," he shared. 

"Riding in Tandem" as a movie, will let us in on the lives of criminals as masterfully depicted by Direk Toto. Khalil said that it will also go into how a "tandem" comes about and the factors that push them to do such a thing.

"What the film is trying to say is kung paano nagiging isang riding in tandem ang riding in tandem. And I guess, makikita niyo sa movie because of the situation happening around us and how bad it can get for one person, na magagawa niya 'yung such thing," he said.

He continued that forgiveness is also a main theme of the story.

"Like how far can you go dahil sa galit mo, dahil sa gusto mo ng revenge, paghihiganti, parang gaano ka-grabe 'yung kaya mong gawin and of course iba-iba naman tayo ng pananaw sa paghihiganti, sa revenge, sa galit, and may sari-sarili tayong mga pangyayari sa buhay na kinakagalit natin and in the end kasi, you would see full circle na ang lesson is of course, forgiveness. 'Yun 'yung lesson for me. Forgiveness would always be better than revenge."

How will the "tandem" in the movie portray the minds of criminals and come to an ultimate resolution? Or will they ever have one? 

"Riding in Tandem" is showing in select SM cinemas until October 19. This action film is part of Cine Lokal's selections for October.

Watch the trailer here: