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#LaLunaSangreMgaTanong Scene of the Day: Brother-sister bonding?
Kaya bang paamuhin ni Samantha (Maricar) si Sandrino (Richard)? #LaLunaSangre
Danielle Aquino
by Danielle Aquino
10/12/2017 in News
#LaLunaSangreMgaTanong Scene of the Day: Brother-sister bonding?

Some serious talks went down on last night’s (October 11) episode of “La Luna Sangre.”

Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) tried to talk to Tristan (Daniel Padilla) yet again, but instead of trying to patch up their currently awkward relationship, she asked about Samantha (Maricar Reyes-Poon). She told him that she was seen entering Supremo’s (Richard Gutierrez) lair and left unharmed, which raised a few eyebrows so she needed to find out what she could about their mysterious leader.

But when Tristan questioned how she found out about it, she couldn’t answer because it was LLU-related and it made him snap. He shouted that he was beginning to doubt everything she’s ever told him because she always carefully chose what to say, that he felt like he didn’t even really know her. He said he felt like a fool for trusting her and wondered if his decision to let her into his life was the right one.

Poor Malia :(

Meanwhile, Samantha finally got to talk to Sandrino. She pleaded with him to listen to her when she said that it was possible for vampires, wolves, and humans to live together peacefully in the world. Though Sandrino agreed with her, he argued that they couldn’t all live equally, that there's always going to be a hierarchy, an order to the power among them all. He praised their father Magnus (Jake Roxas) for his vision of a world ruled by vampires because he was right - they were the only kind that could rule over everyone else because they were the most powerful and they could live forever.  

This is our scene of the day! Their dynamic was just amazing to watch so here’s a breakdown of their scene:

  • The soft, but strong way Samantha said Sandrino couldn’t rule over all them all because he killed indiscriminately (She has a point…)
  • How Sandrino argued that that’s what all leaders do - get rid of those who mean them harm (uh, no, that’s not how leaders are supposed to be…)
  • The way she stressed that a true leader valued ALL the lives of his people (YES! Tama ‘yan!)
  • How she told him that if he continued to hold vampires at a higher level, everyone else would hate him for discriminating against them and he wouldn’t have ruled over them all (again, true. You really should listen to her. She’s technically older than you, so she’s seen more to know more.)  
  • The way she said she wants the same thing for both of them, despite their differences - that they don’t end up like their father Magnus (yeeeaaah, here’s hoping neither of you end up like him *crosses fingers*)
  • How Sandrino angrily said that Magnus was never a father to him and he would never die as easily as he did (yikes, the daddy issues these two must have)
  • The way Samantha said she believes he's nothing like Magnus, because Barang’s (Shamaine Buencamino) stories have led her to believe that there's still goodness in him (ooohh, her voice sounds gentler, kinder... Is a brother-sister relationship possible?)
  • How she reached out to touch him, but he stopped her by grabbing her hand (ugh, let your sister comfort you, Sandrino! She’s literally trying to reach out!)
  • The gentle way she placed a hand on his chest, right over where his heart is, and how she said they could choose how to live despite the curse being a vampire brought upon them (OOOHH I think she’s getting to him!! Their eye contact is just UGH. So much emotion! *claps*)
  • How she said that they could still choose to do good despite their hearts not beating, that they can still choose to love (YES, YOU CAN! You can totally do all that!)
  • The conviction in her voice when she told him she believes he could use her powers for the good of many (aaaww :( she believes in him already? *cries*)
  • How Samantha promptly walked out and left Sandrino to think (oh yeah, that’s an exit! Not flashy, but strong impact *thumbs up*)

Yeah, I obviously love the Samantha-Sandrino dynamic we have now. *claps*

Will Sandrino listen to his sister? And how will Malia earn back Tristan’s trust? Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” tonight on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."