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How Nadine served as the light to a struggling fan
Fan opens up about depression to Nadine, gets an unexpected reply she will never forget
Marty Hsu
by Marty Hsu
10/12/2017 in News
How Nadine served as the light to a struggling fan

A fan once caught up in the dark was led back to light by her own idol Nadine Lustre and now, she is giving back the same love during the actress’s time of need. 

In the midst of reports surrounding the alleged suicide of Nadine’s brother Isaiah, a fan with Twitter handle @hallowbae and known as Rhaine to her friends online shared screen caps of her heartfelt conversation with Nadine in September 2015. 

Rhaine was struggling with depression then and was almost running out of hope, so without expecting a reply, she decided to tell her story to Nadine via direct message on Instagram. 

Two days later, Nadine wrote back to her and told her that she was not alone, that she was there to listen, and that she cares. 

The “It’s Showtime” host gave Rhaine some tips and things to do when she starts feeling down again. 

Nadine even named their conversation as “Love thyself” which went on until 2016 and Rhaine’s love for her only grew stronger.

The Kapamilya star also offered to send her a gift as a reward for “being a tough cookie.” 

Attached to all of Rhaine’s tweets was “#KeepGoing”, a hashtag used by Nadine with the depression awareness campaign that she supports and has been vocal about since news broke about her brother.