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Andi makes clear what she meant by 'quitting showbiz'
What is Andi really quitting?
Doreen Penilla
by Doreen Penilla
10/12/2017 in News
Andi makes clear what she meant by 'quitting showbiz'

Kapamilya actress Andi Eigenmann recently made headlines when she answered a basher on Instagram and categorically revealed that she has quit showbiz.

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Now, Andi spoke about what she really meant by her strong statements.

In an exclusive interview by CNN Philippines published yesterday, October 11, Andi said, "I was born into the film industry and acting and filmmaking is something that I’ll always be passionate about. It’s just that I feel that I grew out of that whole showbiz stigma, I don’t want to force myself to be perceived as a person [who] I’m really not."

She then continued to say that she is not quitting acting, she only wants to quit the stardom.

“I just want to be known for what I do as an actor and not be defined by who they think I am based on the news. Being an actor is something that I’ll always be. [But] ‘yun, I don’t want to be a star," she said.

The outspoken actress said that her purpose is to share her art, and influence others through it.

"I'm in this industry because I want to be able to share, to express myself through art, and allow people's hearts to be touched by what we do."