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Wedding traditions you probably don't know exist

Bet you didn't know these strange weddings around the world

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

10/10/2017 in News
Wedding traditions you probably don't know exist

Last week, Kim Chiu shared to her followers the most unusual weddings around the world.

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Because of this, we were inspired to research and look for more strange weddings that exists in other parts of the world.

Here, we've compiled those and we are pretty disturbed but amused after learning about them.

1. Blackening of the Bride

In Scotland, brides-to-be are surprised by their family and friends before the day of their marriage. They celebrate the "happiest day" of the bride's life by putting nasty things like dead fish, mud, spoiled food, and curdled milk on her as a sign of affection. They strongly believe that if the bride can handle it, she can also surpass any humiliation and challenge in her married life.

2. Drinking from the toilet

This is arguably the strangest and most unhygienic wedding tradition ever in France. After the wedding reception, the couple's friends will gather all the leftovers, or in some, chocolate and wine, and put them in a toilet bowl and wait for the newlyweds to drink them. The purpose of this is to give strength to the new partners in life.

3. My big, fat wedding

Brides-to-be in Mauritania are force-fed by their husband-to-be to gain weight and become fatter because for them, large and full-bodied women would signify good luck and prosperity in marriage. It also means that the husband is wealthy enough to keep his wife healthy.

4. Sing-sings for love

A tribe in Papua New Guinea would paint their bodies and wear feather to impress their bride-to-be. They need to imitate the mating rituals of male birds, called the sing-sings. This act will prove that they can do anything for their wives.

5. Chick Liver wedding tradition

To select a wedding date, the soon-to-be bride and groom are required to kill a baby chick while holding a knife together. They proceed to check the chick's liver. If the liver looks good, then they're allowed to set a date. But if not, they have to repeat the process until they get a chick with good liver. This tradition happens in Inner Mongolia of China.

6. Cross-dressing in Greece

In Sparta, the brides-to-be are required to shave their heads and dress up like men before the wedding. This act is believed to strengthen women before they face the married life.

Here are more strange weddings in video format:

The list goes on...

Meanwhile, we can learn more about Ghost Weddings in China in the upcoming horror film "The Ghost Bride" starring Kim Chiu.

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