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4 reasons Chie Filomeno should be your new girl crush

The spotlight shines on Chie Filomeno!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

1/9/2017 in News
4 reasons Chie Filomeno should be your new girl crush

There’s just something about Chie Filomeno that makes people turn their heads and give her their full attention. A mainstay in the afternoon variety show “It’s Showtime” as part of the GirlTrends, she’s definitely on our list of Pretty Faces to Watch Out For in showbiz.

From her drool-worthy OOTDs to her jaw-dropping dancing skills, here are four reasons you should be girl-crushing on Chie:

Her OOTDs are always put together and Pinterest-worthy, but still totally achievable.

Chie’s wardrobe is composed of basic black and white pieces that you can buy in most malls. Chie’s secret? Lots and lots of accessories!

Take note:




2. Her dancing skills are the BOMB.

Chie’s hips don’t lie! You can watch her all day and you’d be left trying to copy her dance moves. Besides, who doesn’t like a girl who can move, right?


3. Her inspirational posts and quotes.

No one likes someone with a dry personality, and Chie definitely isn’t one of those people! She regularly posts cute and motivational quotes that match her feed and that leave us ready to face anything. Girl power for the win!



4. She doesn’t take herself seriously.

She might have one of the prettiest faces around, but Chie is no-fuss and low maintenance, and loves to have some fun. Here’s a funny video of her trying to lip-sync to Adele:



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