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Zsa Zsa talks about second chance with Conrad

What are the "bigger things" Zsa Zsa, Conrad plan to do in 2017?

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

1/5/2017 in News
Zsa Zsa talks about second chance with Conrad

Zsa Zsa Padilla summed up her 2016 in a heartfelt New Year's post on her Instagram page with a short video of herself and daughters Zia, Nicole, and Karylle.

In the caption, Zsa Zsa wished her followers a good year ahead and also talked up what she's been through the past year.

The Divine Diva also mentioned her sweet reunion with architect boyfriend Conrad Onglao and their plans for 2017.

In full length, she wrote:

"From me and my girls, Happy 2017, everyone!!! May the good Lord bless us all with good health, happier times with family and friends, new work opportunities that would continue to inspire us and may we travel to new places we aspire to be! May our hearts be filled with love and may we all find the love that would complete us. I wish all beautiful things for you, my friend. Thank you for being part of my 2016. It was some year for me- if you know what I mean, but I survived the ups and downs thanks to all of you. I am grateful to God for all the lessons I've learned in 2016. It also brought me closer to my family in Las Vegas. And I'm grateful to all of them.

"I'm happy to be reunited with my love and we plan bigger things for us in 2017. Thank you, friends, for your love and understanding. Here's looking to a brighter and better 2017 for us all! Happy New Year!!! #NYE#newyear#2017 #grateful#GodisGoodAllTheTime"

Zsa Zsa and Conrad called off their engagement last May 2016 and got back together in October. It is still unclear, however, if they decided to push through with the engagement as well.

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