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Time flies for Carmina and Zoren's twins

Whoa! Cassy and Mavy are headed for Sweet 16?!

Isabella Cuartero
Isabella Cuartero

1/4/2017 in News
Time flies for Carmina and Zoren's twins

For years, we’ve seen the twins Maria Cassandra and Maverick Peter Legaspi onscreen for their family's famous ice cream commercials as well as occasional appearances on "ASAP."

Born on January 6, 2001 in the United States, the teenage twins will turn 16 this year.

Yesterday, power parents Carmina and Zoren Legaspi threw a swimming party for Cassy and Mavy, celebrating their birthday three days ahead. Their Sweet 16 seemed to be as adventurous, colorful, and lively as their favorite ice cream flavors.
Zoren posted an aerial view of the place on Instagram. In the caption, he wrote, “Perfect weather 😎😎😎 twiningAT16"


A photo posted by zoren_legaspi (@zoren_legaspi) on



A photo posted by zoren_legaspi (@zoren_legaspi) on

Carmina, on the other hand, took to Instagram a video clip of the celebrators and guests having fun under the sun. Water you waiting for? Dive in!


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