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Piolo Pascual to go international?

On his 20th showbiz anniversary, Piolo reveals dream project

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

1/4/2017 in News
Piolo Pascual to go international?
This year is definitely an exciting one for Piolo Pascual because aside from he's turning 40, the Ultimate Heartthrob will also celebrate his 20th year in showbiz.

You'd think he doesn't have any dream projects now, but Piolo now eyes discovering talents - worldwide.

"I want to travel the region, just in case there’s a chance for me to showcase Filipino talents not just here but also abroad," Piolo related in an interview with PUSH.

He added, "For me our market is the universe, our market is the world. So we should not be limited by our Filipino audience."

In the end, Piolo shared his life mantra this year.

"Appreciate life better," he relayed. "I’ve been living in the fast lane. I want to be able to enjoy the people around me. And try to leave a good mark and just really enjoy."

Piolo is among the mainstays of the Sunday variety show "ASAP."

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