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Cheska and Doug give loving open letters to their kids

Cheska Garcia's message to her little girls will remind you about caring for your own self-worth

Isabella Cuartero
Isabella Cuartero

1/4/2017 in News
Cheska and Doug give loving open letters to their kids
Cheska Garcia-Kramer and her husband Doug Kramer are thankful for the year that was, and the year that is.

What’s another highlight for the couple? Yes, you guessed it right: Their children Scarlett, Kendra, and Gavin, of course.
In an Instagram post, Doug expressed his heartfelt gratitude in detail, especially after the mild stroke he suffered last year.

“Family is a blessing from above! May we always be a reflection of how God can work in our lives! Coming from what happened last year to me, we appreciate every moment even more!”

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Cheska complemented this with a message of her own. Also on Instagram, she captioned a photo of her children with:  

“How I love my children so much! ❤️ I never want to be separated from them... I love watching them, and being around them.
This must be what God feels for us. He longs for us and never wants to be separated from us. He delights in us and loves us infinitely.
When I watch my children... It makes me think of God's unconditional love for us, His children. I can not even begin to grasp the kind of love He has for us... More than our minds can ever comprehend. I know how to love, because the one who created me is love Himself. ❤️ But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.-John 3:16."

Say cheese! These kids do know how to pose for the camera!

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Indeed an inspiration. Cheska also wrote an open letter to her dearest daughters:

“To my little girls... One day, somebody will try to get your attention.
One day, somebody will try to flatter you.
And, tell you all the beautiful things your little ears will want to hear.
There is nothing wrong with that... But, never forget about self-respect. It begins with you.❤️ Some words from the one who loves, and respects the two of you!"

An ideal dad, Doug set an example of love, strength and protection with the caption: “I will guide you properly baby boy! Papa loves you so much! 😍”

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How about another mother-daughter picture perfect moment for Cheska and Scarlett?

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