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KC Concepcion shares feelings about being an iconic woman

This first in KC's life is really something special

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/26/2017 in News
KC Concepcion shares feelings about being an iconic woman

KC Concepcion has expressed her deep appreciation for being part of MEGA's 25 Iconic Women. 



In an Instagram post last night, January 25, KC wrote, "I've been wanting to share this milestone with you all... What an honor it is to be one of the 25 #MegaIconicWomen!"


KC went on to share details of her very first cover shoot, which she did with, what else? MEGA.


She relayed, "My first magazine cover ever at 16 years old was with [Mega Magazine]. The team explored my closet and dressed me up in a hot pink leopard print silk dress that was just waiting to have its moment in the spotlight. That marked the start of my work life and newfound identity in front of the camera."


KC continued, "Now I can say, sharing the pages of this new book with successful, beautiful and strong women is truly humbling and special. As we shine, break, build, rebuild, and rise above like a phoenix, there are those who are here to patiently tell our story. What a journey it has been!"


"Thank you [Mega Magazine] for this recognition and for celebrating our achievements with us!"


Iconic, she really is. Congratulations, KC!


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