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What filmmaking does to Jackie Chan

What’s it like working with Jackie Chan? His #KungFuYoga co-stars got the answers!

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

1/24/2017 in News
What filmmaking does to Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is an action legend. He’s an on-screen funny guy. We all know this. What we don’t know is how he really is behind the camera.
Good thing some are fortunate enough to have the opportunity of working with him and see him behind-the-scenes like Disha Patani and Aarif Lee, his co-stars in his latest film “Kung Fu Yoga.”
Aarif shared what a delight it was working with the international superstar and how he made everyone feel more comfortable on set.
“He’s really a fun person. When he’s around the actors and the crew are like one big family,” said Aarif.
Disha, on the other hand, revealed one on-set habit of Jackie’s.
“He loves to feed people,” she said. “He would buy you ice cream, chocolate… On set, you would have everything. He would go to everyone to feed them.”
It’s no surprise that Jackie wants to make everyone feel as at ease as he is because he said that this field of work that he is in is what keeps him going.
“Making film is my idea of fun; it’s like my playground. Every day, I recreate whatever I can imagine. I’ve yet to create my dream movie. I must come up with more and better ideas. Making films bring me the most happiness,” he said.
Directed by Stanley Tong, “Kung Fu Yoga” premieres in Philippine cinemas this February 1.


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