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Nadine and Lauren's best bikini moments!

BFFs Nadine Lustre and Lauren Reid's sexiest bikini photos.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/20/2017 in News
Nadine and Lauren's best bikini moments!

A lot of things make a woman sexy, but chief among them all is confidence. 

This year, we're hoping to promote body positivity and loving oneself and we couldn't think of better role models than Nadine Lustre and Lauren Reid, two young, smart, and talented women who have no problem in showing off their bodies in bikinis. 

Nadine and Lauren aren't paper thin like the usual supermodel, but let's face it, they look pretty life-altering in two-piece bathing suits. They have bodies to die for and we think it's because they project confidence whether they're wearing full editorial, glam outfits, or in bikinis.

I mean, just look at this photo of Nadine which just recently...broke the internet:


A photo posted by Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre) on

As for Lauren, well, she's the definition of #bikinigoals:



A photo posted by Lauren Reid (@laurenreidabook) on


However, in this feature we give you Nadine and Lauren's best bikini moments together, because everyone really should have the same confidence and body positive attitude that these two have to rock the bikini.

1. Black is the new black. 

Last year for their Cebu trip with their squad, Nadine and Lauren wore matching black bikinis that showed off their sexy midriffs:



A photo posted by Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre) on


2. Going trendy.

Just today, January 19, Lauren posted this photo on Instagram of herself and Nadine showing off their backsides in tiny matchy-matchy-in-style bikinis.




A photo posted by Lauren Reid (@laurenreidabook) on


Lauren wore cream, while Nadine went gray.

3. Under the sea.

Yesterday, January 18, we see Lauren and Nadine taking a swim in tiny triangle bikinis, looking so relaxed in their outfits that we almost wish  we were in the same trip as they are. 



A photo posted by Lauren Reid (@laurenreidabook) on


We hope this feature inspired you to love yourself, and be confident in your body!

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