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Kisses and Maymay go through a test of friendship

How did KissMay resolve their “tampuhan?”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

1/20/2017 in News
Kisses and Maymay go through a test of friendship

Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin have become the best of friends ever since being part of “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7,” but the two girls encountered a bump in the road that tested the strength of their friendship.

During the reality show’s episode last Tuesday, January 17, Maymay opened up that she felt trapped because of how Kisses has been treating her.

“Every time masaya ako sa iba, nalulungkot siya,” Maymay told Big Brother. “Nagseselos siya kasi hindi ko na daw siya love. Hindi ko alam kung paano ako maga-adjust para siya din masaya kasi parang kapag ako masaya, ayaw niya.”

Maymay opened up the issue to her friend, who told her that she didn’t mean to make her feel that way.

“Minsan sa sobrang pagmamahal ko sa tao, hindi ko na sila nase-set free,” Kisses said.

Kisses appeared to have taken the issue to heart, as she started avoiding Maymay while they were preparing for their weekly task.

The other housemates also noticed that the two were having problems, but decided to let them come to terms in their own time, instead of forcing them to make up.

Maymay eventually approached Kisses first, and told her that she values their friendship so much.

“Matibay ang pinagsamahan natin at hindi ko papayagan na ‘yung mga tampo-tampo na ‘yan ay maging reason na mawala lahat,” she said in the episode last night, January 18.

Meanwhile, Kisses told her that she’d try to not be too overprotective of Maymay.

“Dapat hindi ako natatakot na mawala ‘yung mga tao [na mahal ko] kasi kung gusto talaga nila mag-stay, magse-stay sila,” she said.

After a lot of tears and a tight hug, the two girls emerged looking happy and close again.

A photo of them together was also posted on Kisses' Instagram yesterday, January 18 - a further proof that the two girls are back to being the best of friends.


KissMay are #FriendshipGoals af, don’t you think?

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