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Getting to know Zhang YiXing a.k.a. K-pop star Lay

10 things you’ll love about “Kung Fu Yoga” actor and EXO member Lay (Zhang YiXing)!

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

1/20/2017 in News
Getting to know Zhang YiXing a.k.a. K-pop star Lay

EXO is one of the biggest K-pop groups who's getting worldwide recognition. It now has nine members that are doing great on their own projects including “Kung Fu Yuga” actor Zhang YiXing or simply known as Lay.
Aside from being one of the first members introduced to the public, Lay has also become one of the most popular.
It’s easy to say that the fans liked him for his dreamy looks (just look at that face!), but we know there are far more reasons to love this guy and we’ve listed some just for you.
1.       More than just your typical singer-actor

Lay is also credited as a songwriter, composer, record producer, author, and dancer!
2.       He penned a record-breaking book  
Lay wrote an autobiography titled “Standing Firm At 24” which immediately sold 68,537 copies in just 24 minutes of pre-sales and earned 1.4 million in royalties in less than three months. For that, Lay was placed in the “The 10th Chinese Celebrity Writers List.”
3.       A not-so-mini mini album
Lay wrote and composed songs for his extended play titled “Lose Control” which became a huge success way before the physical album was released. It was, of course, a chart topper and set new records in terms of sales.
4.       He is a Chinese ambassador
Lay was appointed as publicity ambassador by the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) of Changsha last July.
5.       A first for his first
Lay’s big screen debut was for the film “Ex-Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back”, which did not only serve as his first blockbuster, it also earned him his first acting award! He was also hailed as the Best Supporting Actor for it at the 2016 China Britain Film Festival.
6.       Dancefloor killer

Lay is considered as one of the main dancers of EXO and here’s a video that would tell you why.


A video posted by Zhangyixing (@zyxzjs) on


7.       Rise to fame
Lay joined several reality talent searches before landing a spot in EXO. He started working for his dreams as early as nine years old!
8.       Knows the way to your heart
Yes, that saying applies to Lay as he can cook to win your heart. In recent interviews, EXO members shared that it is Lay who usually cooks for them.
9.       Sweet talker
Lay is a known multilingual for being able to speak fluent Mandarin, Korean, and English. No need for translators if you’re planning to ask him out on a date!
10.   He loves “unicorns”
Lay was given a unicorn as a symbol in EXO’s music video for their hit single “Mama” with the powers of healing. He was therefore nicknamed the Healing Unicorn and his fans calling themselves the Unicorns.
Catch Lay with the one and only Jackie Chan along with Aarih Rahman, Sonu Sood, Disha Patani, Mu QiMiya, and a lot more in the upcoming film “Kung Fu Yoga” in Philippine theaters this February 1, as distributed by Star Cinema!

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