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Jessy, Coleen and Arci are 'bad girls' on PhilStar Supreme cover

"Girl Power" is front and center for Coleen, Jessy, and Arci.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/17/2017 in News
Jessy, Coleen and Arci are 'bad girls' on PhilStar Supreme cover

It's no secret: Jessy Mendiola, Coleen Garcia, and Arci Munoz completely admire each other.

You can tell, from the chemistry they display on-screen in "Extra Service" where they play massage therapists slash secret agents hilariously named Aw, Em, and Gee to the way they laugh and joke among themselves during press conferences, that there is no bad blood between these three women. 

This observation is confirmed in their cover story on The Philippine Star's Supreme published last Saturday, January 14. 

In the feature, Jessy, Coleen and Arci revelealed the secret weapon that made the three of them get along so well on the set of "Extra Service" and it's none other than this:


I couldn't have put it better than Jessy did, when she said, "Sobrang lakas ng mga babae. I get bashed every day of my life, morning to evening, but when I look at who makes the comments, babae rin pala. Kaya ayoko 'yung ganyan 'yung babae sa babae, because it gives men permission do that to us. Here it’s women helping each other, lifting each other up. Walang mas sexy, walang mas maganda, or walang mas sikat. Kanya-kanyang personality tsaka kanya-kanyang abilidad lang."

Jessy, Coleen, and Arci each also display a level of humility about each other, and it's apparent in the way that they talk about one another professionally that they view themselves as equals.

Arci famously shrugged off the "billing" controversy reports that erupted weeks prior, claiming she doesn't see it as a big deal that she is considered the biggest star in "Extra Service" and also calling for equality between the three of them. 

And the praise for one another doesn't stop there. 

Jessy said, “They’re both very professional, and you can tell that they both really want this. Coleen is always on time and she’s always prepared. Si Arci naman, kahit anong pagawa mo sa kanya, game siya. It’s great working with people like that, because when they give their all, it makes you want to give your all.”

Coleen added to this, saying, “We’re all very, very different, and I don’t know what it is that allowed us to get along, but we all gelled, we all understood each other. 'Yung tipong when you look at her once and your eyes can actually communicate. The three of us were like that the entire time we were shooting this movie.”

It's a breath of fresh air isn't it, to see women hold each others' hands as they climb the ladders that are their careers? What a way to start the year indeed!

Ejay Falcon, Vin Abrenica, and Enzo Pineda also star alongside the three leading ladies. Also in the cast are the veteran actresses Tessie Tomas and Carmi Martin. 

"Extra Service" is now showing in theaters nationwide!

You can read Supreme's full article here: https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/supreme/2017/01/14/1662155/cover-story-bad-girls


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