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Vivacious Vivoree's viral videos

“Not Vivoree” is taking over YouTube!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

1/10/2017 in News
Vivacious Vivoree's viral videos
We fell in love with her when she entered the “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” house, but Vivoree Esclito is still not done stealing our hearts now that she’s in the outside world.

Netizens go gaga over her social media accounts where she showcases her witty banter and sunny personality, but her YouTube account isn’t a channel you should overlook!

Named “Not Vivoree,” the young star has taken to posting videos that exhibit her many talents.

She first posted a song cover of “Say You Won’t Let Go,” and you’ll be putting the song on loop for days because of her sweet but still powerful voice.

She also posted dance covers of popular songs by hitmaker Dawin such as “Errors” and “Sidekick.”

Vivoree only set up her YouTube account last month, but she already has almost 20 thousand followers! Her videos also have a total of 700 thousand views.

With her many talents, the future’s looking bright for Vivoree, don’t you think?

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