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Everything we know about the women of 'Extra Service'

Get up close and personal with Aw (Arci), Em (Coleen), and Gee (Jessy)!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/1/2017 in News
Everything we know about the women of 'Extra Service'
It's no secret that "Extra Service" will set 2017 on fire.

This film, which merges two genres, may just satisfy every cineaste's cravings for action and comedy, with an extra serving of adventure.

The three leads Aw, Em, and Gee are played by three of the most talented actresses of their generation, Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia, and Jessy Mendiola, respectively. In this feature, we get to know the femme fatales of "Extra Service" a little deeper. 

The three women are massage therapists by day in a spa called "Touch Mahal" and by night, they transform into their badass alter egos as special agents. 

1. Aw

Aw is the leader of the badass group we call our protagonists. She is smart, she is fierce, and she is fearless.

Arci says about her character, "Isa siyang magnanakaw, nakulong siya dahil nagnakaw siya sa bangko."

"Strong 'yung personality niya. Galit siya sa mga boys."

Aw's love interest Mo is played by Ejay Falcon.

Aw's alter ego: Kapitana

2. Em

Em is beautiful, and she uses that as her strongest tool. Em was a soldier before she landed herself in prison. 

Coleen describes her character as a "hothead."

"Palagi nabubwisit, lagi nang-aaway, fierce. Palagi siya kumukontra kay Aw, palagi [silang] nag-aaway. Si [Gee] ang peacemaker."

Coleen also described Em as, "Sawi sa pag-ibig."

Em is paired up with Vin Abrenica, who plays the character Carlo, an undercover policeman investigating Touch Mahal.

Em's alter ego: Maldita

3. Gee

Gee is the most intelligent of the bunch. She handles the technical side of things, and has a special knack for gadgets. She was imprisoned due to her penchant for hacking. 

Jessy says that while her character is extremely intelligent, she is not quite street-smart. 

"Matalino po si Gee, pero may pagkabobo po siya."

Gee's love interest is Larry, a mute secret agent who works for the same organization as the girls played by Enzo Pineda. 

Gee's alter ego: Henya

Directed by Chris Martinez, "Extra Service" will hit theaters this January 11!

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